Animal capture and relocation service in Longueuil

The presence of unwanted insects and animals in the house can adversely affect the well-being of the inhabitants. In Longueuil, to promote a healthy environment, our company Delta Extermination offers many services to get rid of it. We tell you more about our different services.

What does Delta Extermination offer you?

With its experience in the field of pest management, Delta Extermination offers a range of services to its customers. Whether it is extermination, prevention or decontamination, our professionals work to clean up your living space.

Extermination Service

Bed bugs, ants or weevils are all insects that can spoil everyday life. These pests are sometimes dangerous to health and cause heavy damage. For example, a weevil infestation is often disastrous for food supplies.

To keep a clean and healthy home, it is therefore important to react quickly to its invasions. That’s why Delta Extermination technicians follow a precise protocol in order to get rid of it.

In general, they will carry out a extensive inspection to accurately determine the source of your problem. This step is essential to adopt the right strategy for your situation.

To do this, they use a thermal imaging camera which helps them find the nests of insects. Once this is done, they apply a radical elimination method to eliminate pests without degrading your building.

In addition, our animal capture and relocation service in Longueuil takes into account many factors to choose the solution adapted to your needs. For example, in the case of an insect infestation, our professionals use repellent products to solve the problem.

A capture service Animals can also be used to get rid of rats and bats. Whatever the problem, our teams are available 24 hours a day to respond quickly to your needs. With our extermination service in Longueuil, you are sure to find a healthy place to live.

Decontamination service

After extermination, our company offers services to decontaminate your home. The goal is to prevent unwanted animals from coming back to invade you. Thus, after each elimination of animals or insects, we develop a decontamination plan.

This process is more or less long depending on the degree of infestation. Indeed, the urine or droppings of certain pests include harmful agents for your health. It is therefore necessary to be very careful in order to prevent the proliferation of these pathogens in the air.

To overcome this, our technicians use High-performance vacuum cleaners with HEPA filters. They also wear a mask and clothing suitable for organic waste management. They then proceed to the preparation of the space by spraying a detergent on the infected surfaces. After that, they pick up the bodies of dead animals and insects as well as their feces.

All soiled materials are sealed in airtight bags. Finally, they will move on to the sterilization of your home in Longueuil with biocides, disinfectants and deodorants. In some cases, a steam cleaning is preferable. Thus, whatever your situation, our decontamination service adapts to your needs in order to meet them.

Prevention Service

If extermination and decontamination solutions are necessary for the elimination of pests, prevention is even more so. Delta Extermination offers you a service preventing the appearance of rodents and insects in order to solve the problem at the source.

Our fast and efficient solutions allow you to protect your home for a long time. Thus, after getting rid of pests, our technicians deliver to you practical advice to avoid a recurrence of infestation.

In addition, our professionals pay particular attention to the caulking and insulation of your home. In this way, they are able to determine the potential entry doors of the animals.

If they discover holes or cracks, our experts will install cement or sealant mesh. They will apply the solution adapted to the type of opening. Their expertise allows you to enjoy of an aesthetic and almost invisible work.

Thus, there is no need to wait for an invasion before calling on our services. If you notice openings in your attic or in your walls, you can contact our experts. Our prevention and caulking service will save you from many problems related to the presence of pests.

Where do we work?

Why trust us?

There are many reasons to use the services of Delta Extermination in Longueuil. First of all, we guarantee you quality services thanks to the expertise of our technicians. They benefit from a know-how acquired over many years.

Then all of them our products are environmentally friendly for the respect of the environment and your health. We also offer effective methods and monitoring to check that no pest can disturb your peace of mind.

Finally available 24 hoursa day, our technicians are ready for any emergency intervention to limit the damage as much as possible. Whether for prevention or extermination, our company takes care of the management of parasites with a masterful hand to guarantee your tranquility.