Extermination Laval

Are you invaded by pests? They are animals of all kinds that infiltrate through small openings. Once in your home, they cause a lot of damage, which can be detrimental to you. If you are at laval, you can resort to specialized establishments to get rid of it. What services does Delta Extermination offer? We tell you about it here.

Our animal capture and relocation service

Delta Extermination is an expert company in pest control. We therefore have a team of competent professionals using methods in accordance with the standards. Thus, in case of infiltration of harmful species such as rodents, Insects and ants,we will put ourselves at your disposal. We offer a animal capture and relocation service’ which takes place in several stages.

State of play and definition of action plan

In case of infestation of your home, you must opt for a animal capture and relocationservice. By doing so, we will send a team of qualified professionals to your home in order to get rid of pests. The intervention of our specialists will take place according to a given procedure. First of all, we will make an inventory of your accommodation to have as much information as possible about your situation.

To do this, experts will look for clues that could specify the type of species present in your home. Then we will define the appropriate action plan. Each animal has a particular way of acting. By knowing the pests in question, we will be able to make a extermination rats, a extermination mouse or a extermination ants.

Application of techniques and final inspection

The techniques that our specialists will put in place vary depending on the species you have to deal with. For example, for rodents, the Smoke test is the first maneuver we will perform. Then we can use other tools such as traps, repellents or cages. Anyway, the methods of our company Delta Extermination are ecological and environmentally friendly.

Once our operation is complete, we strive to properly inspect your rooms and your entire home. The purpose of this action is to detect future threats. Finally, we will plug the holes and follow up to ensure that the problem is completely resolved.

Our pest decontamination service

By using our company, you will also benefit from our decontamination service parasitic. Indeed, after the success of the extermination, you will have the impression that you have solved most of your problems. Yet feces, secretions and urine left by pests are dangerous and can cause respiratory infections. This is the interest of decontamination.

Unfortunately, this is an operation that must be done with the appropriate equipment and tools. Delta company takes the risk for you thanks to its team of qualified technicians.

Preventive methods and cleaning

In order to carry out effective decontamination, we will put specific products on the parts infected with feces or urine of pests. This will aim to limit the spread of harmful particles in the air. Subsequently, we will remove dead animals and rid your parts of potentially infected secretions and equipment. To ensure your safety, these items will be consigned in sealed bags.

When your premises are emptied of any dangerous objects, our experts will clean your risky rooms from top to bottom with products adapted to sterilize them.

Preventive inspection

The last step of our intervention will be to inspect your home thoroughly. In the event of a problem, we will take the necessary measures to guarantee your satisfaction.

Our stray wildlife capture service

Delta Extermination also offers the service for the capture of stray wild animals. Within our team, we have experts who know the habits of the animals and how they settle. Whether it is, for example, squirrels, raccoons or birds, we will capture with the utmost respect for animal rights.

With tools such as baits, cages, nets and pods, we will catch the species present in your home. After their capture, they will be relocated to their natural living environment. To finish your intervention, we will clean your home for decontamination. Thus, you will be safe in your home.

Our caulking service

Not all pests that invade your home work the same way. This means that the points they will employ in order to enter your home will also vary. Among the accesses used by intruders, we can mention:

  • trees around your home;
  • the air conditioner;
  • the chimney;
  • cracks;
  • crevices;
  • catches
  • and air vents.

To avoid their harmful action in your home, you can resort to the Delta Extermination caulking service. Our company will put at your disposal specialists in the field.

Our methods for quality caulking

To properly caulk all access points, our professionals have at their disposal a wide range of accessories. First, they can mine galvanized steel and aluminum mesh. These tools will prevent the intrusion of large pests. Secondly, they have the opportunity to use cement and caulking. These materials will be used to create protection without degrading the appearance of your home.

Our prevention service

It is no secret that prevention is better than cure. That’s why we also offer the prevention service. By calling on us, we will come to eliminate the pests before they multiply. In addition, we will plug the exits through which they can enter your home. Finally, we will do a watering to destroy insects.

In short, there are several advantages to opting for Delta Extermination. By using our services, you will benefit from several interventions designed to rid your home of pests.