Exterminator Brossard

Located on the south shore of Montreal, Brossard is a peaceful city with a population of about 89,000. Located more precisely along the St. Lawrence River and the Saint-Jacques River, the city knows a particular animation because of its 4 major highways, which contrasts well with the various peaceful corners that we find there.

Nevertheless, depending on the season, invasions of insects, rodents and pests of all kinds may alter the quality of your experience in that city. To overcome these inconveniences and regain a good comfort of life, Delta extermination offers you a whole range of services ranging from prevention to decontamination, through extermination and the Service for the capture of stray wild animals.

Delta extermination Services

If you feel like you’re sharing your living environment with undesirables such as mice, rats, carpenter ants, bed bugs, and many others, you will certainly find in Delta Service captures and relocates animals,the ideal provider for complete satisfaction. The presence of these vermin is usually manifested by droppings, shredded tissues, pierced food packaging, as well as food remains found here and there.

It can also be a question of accumulated sawdust, traces or sounds of rodent movement in the house, all signs that attest to harmful elements in your environment. For get rid of all these pests in Brossard and find a good comfort of life, do not hesitate to use the services of Delta extermination.

The company specializes in the capture and relocation of wild animals and other pests from your homes. Your cellar, your attic and your kitchen can thus be rid of any harmful presence. With a wealth of experience in the field in Brossard and throughout the south shore of Montreal, the company offers comprehensive care through prevention, extermination, decontamination and insulation services.

Prevention Service

In order not to have to suffer from the invasion of insects, rodents or any other pest according to the seasons, it is necessary to opt for the Prevention service. The preventive approach aims in particular to remove any access or habit of life that may promote the arrival of pests.

Preventive treatment will ideally consist of finding hidden openings as well as accesses likely to let animals through. A smoke test may also be indicated for more effectiveness depending on the case. In addition, it may be necessary to water the outside to prevent the passage of wasps, spiders or ants.

Through prevention, you too become a major player in the fight against pests, by adopting more appropriate lifestyle habits. It is recommended for this purpose to avoid leaving food lying around and to keep your apartment or home in optimal state of hygiene. Some potentially risky places such as the cellar, the attic, the kitchen or the shower must be the subject of special maintenance.

Extermination Service

Extermination is considered when the presence of pests is effective. Whether or not you know the type of pest in question, you can call on Delta extermination to get rid of it.

Relying on a team of experienced professionals, Delta offers a three-step extermination procedure: pest identification, adoption of the control strategy and treatment execution.

But before any treatment, a quote is offered to you. This step follows the identification of the type of threat to get an idea of the strategy to deploy. So, you can make an informed commitment, without fear of overbilling. The price, while remaining relatively competitive, will depend essentially on the size of the device to be deployed and the efforts to be made according to thetype of infestation of your home.

Decontamination service

Once the pests have been exterminated, the most delicate step of the operation must be tackled: decontamination. Because the presence of the undesirables has probably infested your home with substances potentially harmful to health, the Decontamination service will have to clean your home.

It will be a question of eliminating substances and pathogens by disinfection of your habitat, by reviewing all the places affected by the presence of pests. The cleaning is done by modern and particularly efficient vacuum cleaners, for a result that meets your expectations. Through the different stages of preparation, collection, cleaning and prevention by repellents, your home is now healthy and livable.

Caulking service

To go further, opt for the caulking service, in order to avoid a future invasion of insects, rodents or ants. It will be a question of closing the accesses that allowed the intrusion of these animals, with quality materials. Occasionally using steel or braided mesh and even cement as the case may be, Delta makes sure to prevent future access to these critters.

In addition, it may be necessary to prune some branches of trees too close to the house, which could give rise to infiltration of some rodents,through the roof.

Why use our services?

Professionalism, availability and discretion are the key words of our interventions. We make sure to keep in the shortest possible time, so as to quickly make your home habitable. Our teams are permanently available to intervene anywhere in Quebec, to treat apartments, houses and commercial premises.

Do not hesitate to contact us for any extermination rats, extermination mouse or extermination ants, to find your tranquility and comfort.