Extermination Montreal

Bedbug invasions are fairly common problems that threaten your well-being in your own home. To overcome these little monsters, you must call on specialists in this environment to find tranquility. If you are in Montreal, Delta Extermination is a solution to these ailments that are increasingly affecting your home. Who are we? What are our different services? Read this article to find out.

The extermination service

The Delta Extermination team offers an Animal Capture and Relocation Service to help you defeat bedbug infestations or any other parasite. To have a result, we carry out this operation by following certain steps. Above all, we proceed to the identification of pests.

To do this, we ask you a number of questions in order to get an idea of the critter that bothers you. Once in the field, we do a more thorough inspection that is accompanied by the implementation of a pest control strategy. The techniques may vary depending on the species that is causing you trouble.

You agree that the method to be adopted for a extermination mouse will be different from that to be used in the case of a extermination ants. We therefore provide solutions adapted to each situation with the use of ecological products.

Other services

Outside the animal capture and relocation service,we also offer other services. These include systems for prevention, caulking, decontamination and capture of stray animals. With our various experts, we intervene to help you, whatever the situation.

The decontamination service

Delta Extermination offers a decontamination service after a extermination rats, ants, etc. In fact, we have the experts in pest management who can get rid of pathogens left behind by pests. Remember that urine and feces represent a danger to human health.

Similarly, these microbes can alter parts of your home. We are therefore restoring the areas destroyed by the infestation. This task can lead to the replacement of equipment that has suffered damage as a result of the invasion of critters.

In practice, decontamination is a more or less long operation depending on the damage. No matter the magnitude of the problem, we have the latest generation of work tools to provide a better result to our customers. All our technicians wear clothing adapted to the situation and protective masks.

The caulking service

Apart from decontamination, the Caulking service is also one of our specialties. For this task, our experts will first of all have to carry out a complete inspection of the building. This makes it possible to detect the accesses that can be used by intruders. It can be a traditional unprotected opening, a damaged roof, a nearby tree, etc. To locate the locations of rats for example, a Smoke test can be performed.

From this evaluation, they will determine the solutions to be implemented to counter a future invasion of these little monsters. In general, different types of materials are used to create a barrier. Galvanized or aluminum mesh and finely woven mesh are some of them.

In addition, to plug holes and cracks in walls or roofs, technicians use cement. We provide our customers with strong, durable and resistant caulking equipment in the face of the cold winters of Montreal. Our intervention methods are ecological and favor the use of natural solutions to pesticides and other chemicals.

The insulation service

Delta Extermination also offers a pest insulation service adapted to your home. Indeed, we make a complete replacement of the insulation soiled by contamination with more resistant materials. We also make sure that these tools do not pose any danger to your health.

Our team of experts usually uses cellulose panels and spray polyurethane. The first is equipment that is resistant to mold, corrosion and fire. It is perfect if you want to soundproof your rooms. However, it is not suitable in basements.

The second, on the other hand, can be installed in these places. It offers the highest thermal resistance on the market. All these materials also comply with the standards in force in Quebec. We carry out this task discreetly, but efficiently. It lasts more or less 2 days, but we do our best to free up your living space as soon as possible.

The prevention service

the Prevention service is a logical continuation of caulking. It consists in putting in place an anti-pest strategy to be protected from infestations. Our team takes care of solving the future problems of invasions of small monsters before they appear.

To do this, we do a complete inspection of the building. It is a way to detect clues that will allow our experts to prevent attacks. We then block the possible accesses to prevent the animals from finding the path taken to reach your accommodation. With the help of certain biodegradable products, we also carry out outdoor watering. We treat the tour of your residence to prevent critters from forming their nests in often neglected areas.

The service of the capture of stray animals

If you have little monsters lying out, our Wildlife Capture Service can take care of it. Our team is made up of experts who can track down animals and catch them. These professionals will do an inspection to find out which critter they will face.

Pierced or torn food packages, droppings, urine, hair and holes in the walls are signs that do not deceive. The experts then exploit this track to set up an effective strategy to capture these animals. These may be the rodents, insects, etc.

All in all, Delta Extermination is an objective solution to bedbug infestations. This structure also offers other services such as insulation, decontamination, caulking and the capture of stray critters. If you are in Montreal, you can therefore ask this company to relieve you.