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In the city of Montreal,many residences are invaded by rodents. It should be noted that there are solutions to combat this problem. Among these, you can opt for the simplest: entrust this task to a company near you. In this case, Delta Extermination occupies a prominent place. In fact, this company is located in the Greater Montreal area and is involved in several areas of rodent management. You have at your disposal a qualified and experienced team that offers you control and mouse capture services.

Extermination of mice in Montreal

If you want a mouse extermination in Montreal or its surroundings, call on the
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company Delta Extermination. This company puts at your disposal an experienced and very well equipped team forinsect exterminationservices. These services will help you get rid of anymouse infestation problem.

But first, how do you recognize the presence of mice or rodents in your home? It’s very simple. Their weight is between 10 and 20 grams and can even go up to 50 grams when it comes to a large mouse. Their mode of reproduction is remarkable. Hold on, a mouse mother can farned 15 times a year, with 5 to 12 individuals per litter. They live in the ground when they are outside homes. These critters invade homes, shops and farms because they are looking for food. Once you’re at home, they eat unprotected human food.

The dangerousness of these intruders is no longer to be demonstrated. In fact, mice gnaw everything in their path like electrical wires. This can cause a fire. These rodents leave droppings thus spreading pathologies or bacteria to humans. Keep in mind that more than 60% of mice are infested. In addition, these animals can damage your buildings.

Finally, among the signs that attest to the presence of these intruders in your home, there are scratches inside your walls or in your ceilings. Similarly, if you notice the presence of droppings in your space, then you should appeal Delta Extermination.

In addition, for an impeccable extermination of mice from rodents, there are several methods to achieve this. Among the techniques there are the use of mechanical traps, traps enclosing the rodent, electric traps and sticky hatches. The majority of the methods used do not kill rodents.

However, there are other methods that are effective, but have some risks. Indeed, you can use poisons that contain rodenticide. It is a dangerous product for humans and pets. So, be careful for its use. In order not to take unnecessary risks, it is advisable to use a specialized company like Delta Extermination. Our company is an expert in poisoning mice. In addition, we use smoke tests to flush out these critters.

Delta Extermination, your mouse exterminator in Montreal

Before embarking on the extermination of mice, it is necessary to return to some information about their way of life and characteristics.

The characteristics of the mouse

A mouse has a body covered with lighter hair at the belly level and gray on the other parts of the body. However, it is important to note the tips of the paws, muzzle, tail and ears are not covered like the other parts. Remember that an adult male mouse has an average size of 1.72 cm (without the tail). The latter is half of the total size of the mouse. If mice decide to colonize a residence, it is because they are looking for seeds, fruits and especially vegetables.

Why use Delta Extermination in Montreal?

For a mouse extermination in Montreal or on the North Shore, Delta Extermination provides you with a team of exterminators to overcome these mice. To do this, she uses severalmethods, including stocking rodents or mice. This operation consists in preventing the evolution of mice in your home. But it should be noted that our staff opts for this solution in case of force majeure. Otherwise, in the name of the ecosystem and the protection of animals, we always advocate the capture of these mammals first.

Delta Extermination to exterminate rats and mice

In the city of Montreal and its surroundings, Delta Extermination performs mouse extermination tasks in residential areas. In addition, it should be noted that it also intervenes for the capture of mice in commercial areas. That is, if your business is attacked by mice or rats, you can trust us because we are better equipped to handle this situation.

Therefore, remember that our company intervenes everywhere for the extermination of gray mice. For example, Delta Extermination helps commercial enterprises, institutional buildings, private residences and industries fight these invaders. When you call on us, you are safe from viruses like the Hanta Virus that can harm human life.

Since mice reproduce quite quickly, it’s paramount to get rid of them when you notice a few signs of their presence. Because of this, extermination is the best option. The first signs include scratching and displacement in ceilings and walls.

Finally, it should be remembered that the best solution to get rid of mice and rodent rats would be to call a professional. It is in this context that Delta Extermination operates throughout Montreal, not to mention Laval, Longueuil, South Shore and North Shore. With our experience, you are no longer bothered by rodent and insect infestations.


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