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Smoke test

The extermination of rodents goes through many stages. The one that many people don’t know is the smoke test. This test is known to detect the possible circulation of rats, which makes it possible to find suitable solutions to prevent the invasion of animals in the future. The most experienced technicians take this stage of rodent extermination and recognize it as effective and ecological. Delta Extermination is one of the competent companies for the capture and relocation of animals, which offers, among other things, the rodent smoke inspection service.

Smoke test to detect rodent entrances

Rats and mice are social and gregarious animals (which live in groups). They live in colonies and form nests. When you notice a mouse or rat in your home or business, it is likely that he/she came with his or her family. Rodent infiltration is not predictable. Even if you kill several, others can arise at any time. For this, a successful extermination of rodents is not only related to their poisoning or capture. Their extermination goes beyond and begins with the identification of their hiding places. This is the role that smoke inspection plays. This test is an ingenious and judicious solution that can detect the entrances to the premises of rats and mice.

It consists of injecting non-toxic smoke under pressure into pipes and sewers. This makes it possible to detect cracks, holes, breaks in the joints, faulty pipes where rodents can pass and become embedded in your premises. The peculiar and transient smell of the smoke facilitates the rapid detection of the premises. Beyond the detection of possible rodent inputs, the test can detect water leaks and gas infiltration.

Rat smoke test procedure at Delta Extermination

At Delta Extermination complete and neat techniques are used for rat smoke inspection. The procedure of our smoke inspection at Delta Extermination can be summed up in a few steps. We first plug the plumbing vent at the roof. We then move on to filling the water drains and propelling the smoke in the pipes under pressure. For about 15 minutes, the smoke is propelled into the pipes. Then comes the inspection of the pipes. Inspection of the pipes determines whether the injected smoke is coming out through holes or cracks. At this level, we detect the entrances to the places of rodents. Finally, we unclog the roof vent to let the injected smoke dissipate. Within a few minutes, the premises are detected and other extermination solutions are applied.

Smoke test: a simple, effective and ecological solution

Rodent smoke inspection has many advantages. It can detect the smallest cracks. This is a generator of an accurate and reliable diagnosis. In addition, the test does not require any unnecessary and expensive work. It also has no damage to living things. It is a simple, effective and ecological solution.

Detect even the smallest cracks

Thanks to the rat smoke inspection, you detect the entrances of rodents. Better this technique makes it possible to detect all the cracks or breaks that exist in your pipe and sewer system. Smoke is a fluid component that escapes easily when there is an opening. This represents the greatest interest of rat smoke inspection in determining the entrances to the premises of rodents. Careful supervision makes it possible to identify all possible openings. At Delta Extermination, technicians are experienced and equipped to spot a crack, no matter how small.

Reliable and accurate diagnosis

When the entries in the places of rodents are spotted, you have the certainty of having found the hiding places of these. The detection of inputs by reliable and accurate diagnosis gives access to hiding places that can be banned using chemical components. These hiding places can be plugged to prevent rodent infiltration in the future. Traps or trap cages can also be placed as bait in hiding places. Delta Extermination technicians have extermination tools that comply with the standards of the Ministry of the Environment. They make legal and moderate use of it.

Environmentally friendly and safe process

It should be noted that the smoke used for the test is neither toxic nor dangerous to humans, animals and plants. It is a neutral smoke with no impact on living beings. This smoke is transient and is not likely to bother for a long time. At Delta Extermination, technicians ensure the quality of the smoke. The required and approved smoke quality is used at Delta Extermination. Also, our technicians respect the normal dose required. With Delta Extermination, you can be sure to fight rodents in a simple and non-polluting way.

No unnecessary and expensive work

Smoke inspection is simple enough to require large and expensive work. Through domestic smoke, smoke is injected. Delta Extermination technicians have the best smoke qualities. In addition, this test avoids unnecessary work of extermination of rats. Thanks to the diagnosis, you know directly what to do and where to set your traps or put the poison. Delta Extermination’s technical team is competent to save you unnecessary expenses and waste of time.

Rapid extermination of rats in the Montreal area with Delta Extermination

At Delta Extermination the animal extermination service is provided efficiently, completely and promptly. If you need a quick extermination of rats, the Delta Extermination team is at your disposal. The team is prompt and moves for any need of extermination of rats. Emergency smoke inspection, complete extermination of rodents, pest decontamination and caulking are possible. This work complies with the standards of the Ministry of the Environment and does not have any disadvantages. To benefit from Delta Extermination’s services, simply contact customer service on the company’s website. Delta Extermination is accredited and offers rat extermination services throughout the Montreal area.