Extermination Saint-Jérôme

Located 45 km from Montreal, Saint-Jérôme is a small Quebec town of 75,000 inhabitants. The fauna of this region is largely composed of rodents of all kinds, bats as well as reptiles.

These animals, when they are in their natural environment, do not really pose a threat to humans. However, when they invade the living space of the latter, cohabitation becomes difficult. It then becomes imperative to get rid of these critters. Delta Extermination aims to get rid of wild animals that infest your home. Discover its services.

What does Delta extermination offer you?

If you live in Saint-Jérôme,you have certainly already dealt with rodents that break into your home. Shredded tissues or food scraps are among other things the clues to their presence. It can also be accumulated sawdust, droppings or pierced food packaging.

When faced with one of these situations, using Delta Extermination is probably your best option. It is a company specialized in the capture and relocation of animals and other pests. Whether it’s rodents, insects or ants, this company makes sure to eliminate all the harmful elements that may invade your cellar, your attic or your kitchen. As such, it offers prevention, extermination, decontamination and insulation services.

Prevention Service

the prevention service is the very first step in an extermination process. Delta Extermination offers a two-step prevention service. The first serves to prevent the appearance of pests, if they are not already present. The second helps to protect the house from future animal invasions.

One of the preventive actions is the closure of susceptible accesses to let the animals through. A preventive watering from the outside also helps prevent the passage of wasps, spiders or ants. To be even more efficient and better find hidden openings, our experts can proceed to smoke tests.

In addition, prevention will involve you too, because our experts advise you on some reflexes to adopt. It will be a question of paying particular attention to the risky places of the house such as the kitchen or the shower. You will also need to avoid leaving food lying around and keep optimal hygiene.

Extermination Service

Delta Extermination offers a powerful extermination service at any time of the day. When you request a pest extermination procedure in your home, it may happen that you do not know precisely which one you need to fight. It is for this reason that Delta proposes an extermination in three stages:

  • identification of pests;
  • the adoption of the control strategy;
  • and the execution of the processing.

The identification of pests allows you to know precisely the animals that occupy your home as well as the extent of the infestation. Feces, snack foods, black traces are among others clues that reveal the nature of wild animals.

From this identification, Delta Extermination experts will be able to establish an effective capture and extermination strategy. If we eliminate insects directly, we instead proceed to a capture if the pest is much larger. We therefore adapt our measures as appropriate. As an example, we will not use the same approach for the treatment of cockroaches, the extermination of mice and ants. To be even more efficient and better find hidden openings, our experts can conduct smoke tests.

Decontamination service

The post-extermination period or Decontamination service is the most delicate step of the operation. Animal droppings and urine contain substances that are harmful to health. It is strongly discouraged to inhale or swallow them. It is for this reason that Delta Extermination systematically takes care of decontamination of your home after extermination.

Decontamination is elimination of substances and pathogens (by disinfection) left by pests. We go through all the places where they have potentially passed. Delta Extermination carries out cleaning with modern vacuum cleaners for an effective result. This decontamination operation takes place in 4 stages: preparation, collection, cleaning and prevention by repellents.

Caulking service

the caulking service consists in the closure of the accesses that allowed the intrusion of the animals, and this, with good quality materials. Many exits are likely to let unwanted animals and insects through. Trees are also excellent channels that allow rodents to access roofs.

Gutters and water outlets are also favorable corners for the development of animals. A bird could easily raise its young below the outlet of the chimney or dryer. Delta Extermination takes care of the closure of these channels thanks to steel mesh, braided mesh or simply with cement.

Why use our services?

Delta Extermination has built a reputation in the field, thanks in particular to the quality of its services. Sound expertise as well as his sense of detail are also part of his assets. The company has qualified professionals with many years of experience. In addition, our availability is almost permanent and we ensure the discretion of our operations. Better, we only draw up the quote after visiting the house ourselves to assess the extent of the situation, proof of our good faith.

Where do we work?

Delta Extermination operates throughout Quebec. You find it in Montreal, Saint-Jérôme, Gatineau and even Trois Rivières. Whether you need us in your apartment, your house or even your establishment (commercial or entrepreneurial), we will always be able to respond as soon as possible. Do not hesitate to entrust us with the extermination of rats that bother you lately.