Beloeil exterminator

The welcoming town of Beloeil, located 30 km from Montreal, 39.4 km by road, is part of the Regional County Municipality of the Richelieu Valley. Located on the banks of the Richelieu River, it is not spared from insects, parasites, rodents and other pests. As long as they live in their natural living environment, they are not worrying. However, once in cohabitation with men or ready for their homes, they can become harmful to humans and even be vectors of disease. It is true that insecticides and rat traps can be useful, but to get rid of them permanently, nothing beats the intervention of professionals in the field. That’s why Delta Extermination offers you its exterminator services.

What does Delta Extermination offer?

Maybe you have noticed the presence of urine, droppings, or even paw marks in your home? Or traces of teeth or food remains? Did squeaks and scratches wake you up in the night? Have you noticed any material damage such as shredded fabrics, gnawed books, or a hole in the wall? Have you identified an anthill, wasp nest or burrow in your property? All these findings are signs that allow you to detect the presence of pests in your home. In such situations, it is recommended to call on Delta Extermination to assess the extent of the infestation, repair and even prevent damage. Indeed, thanks to her experience, she can determine what has invaded you (rats, mice, ants, wasp, raccoon …) and put an end to this invasion. Here’s how it proposes to do it: prevention, extermination, decontamination and insulation.

The prevention service

As the famous saying goes, prevention is better than cure. Thus, as long as the animals have not yet invaded the house, the Delta Extermination team wants to keep them away in two stages. The first step is to prevent the intrusion of these pests inside the house. To do this, it locates and closes all the accesses through which they can enter. It can even do smoke tests to better find hidden openings. The second step is to prevent a future animal invasion, for example, by watering the outside with insecticide to repel ants, spiders, wasps, etc.

In addition, the long-term success of this prevention will depend on you, the attention you pay to high-risk areas of your home such as the shower, kitchen, attic, cellar, etc. Proper management of food scraps and good hygiene are vital. That’s why in their prevention department, Delta Extermination’s experts also give you some advice on attitudes and reflexes to have. In particular, it is recommended to reduce, or even avoid, anything that could attract these pests and push them to settle in a corner of your home such as food scraps, the accumulation of stagnant waste and water, etc.

The extermination service

The extermination procedure proposed by Delta Extermination takes place in three stages:

  • Identification of pests;
  • The adoption of the control strategy;
  • And the execution of the treatment.

From a few clues, Delta Extermination experts will identify the pests in question as well as the extent of the infestation. After identifying the animal, they will establish an appropriate capture and extermination strategy. As you’d expect, a rat trap can’t trap ants, just like insecticides can’t knock out a raccoon. Thus, insects could be eliminated and larger pests caught.

The decontamination service

This is the most delicate step of the operation, but not the least important. This step comes automatically after extermination. What for? Animal droppings and urine may contain substances and pathogens harmful to the human body if swallowed or inhaled. Through a four-step procedure (preparation, collection, cleaning and prevention by repellents), Delta Extermination’s experts carry out a meticulous cleaning. By means of well-effective modern vacuum cleaners, they review all the nooks and crannies where pests are passed.

The caulking service

It is a question here of finding the exits through which insects and animals could have entered your home. Then, these accesses will be closed with good quality materials. Rodents can, for example, access your roof via a tree. The chimney and dryer outlets could also be easily blocked by a bird’s nest. Gutters and water outlets can also be favorable corners for the development of pests. These channels will therefore be closed by steel wire mesh, braided mesh or cement.

Why use Delta Extermination?

Delta Extermination has gained a reputation for exterminating pests thanks to its many quality services already rendered, throughout Quebec. It is a company that has to its credit, several years of experience. It has, within its team, well qualified and experienced professionals. It is a company always available, able to carry out its activities discreetly. To show its good faith, Delta Extermination only draws up the quote after visiting the premises. As soon as she was contacted, she sent her professionals to come and make the observation first-hand. Whether at home, at your apartment, or at your workplace, do not hesitate to contact us.