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The presence of pests (rodents or insects) in premises is a source of discomfort, discomfort and also a characteristic insalubrity. Some pests are relatively easy to eliminate, while for others, professional work is a must. Between pests that can reproduce very quickly in the absence of adequate measures or those that by their mere presence infect the premises in different ways, each case of pest invasion must call for an appropriate response. A common point in all the global and coherent actions that can be undertaken after an invasion remains the decontamination of the premises. Discover in this article the essentials on this crucial step to allow you to find a healthy home.

Opt for a professional decontamination service in Montreal

Invasions of private living quarters or business premises by rodents or pests of various kinds are frequent today, even in large modern cities such as Montreal. Once the extermination is complete (preferably by rat control and disinsection professionals like us), it should be known that it is still necessary to carry out very important work to rid the premises of germs, droppings and all kinds of debris left by the animals. We are talking about decontamination.

This intervention, which aims to clean up the premises and all the surfaces with which rodents or insects have been in contact, is not only important for a simple question of cleanliness: the main objective of methodical decontamination is to avoid the transmission of dangerous diseases to the inhabitants or occupants of the premises.

Our pest decontamination company puts at your service its expertise in the field of decontamination to guarantee an irreproachable cleanliness of each surface of your premises after elimination of the pests that have colonized them. The urine of rats or mice, germs and feces (or eggs in the case of some very resistant insects) may present a significant health risk, or simply restart the invasion (in the case of moths or fleas for example whose eggs are not completely destroyed).

Decontamination is a mandatory step, but easy to overlook or botch

It can be easy to fall into the trap of believing that once the dwelling is rid of the intruders and pests that invaded it, the relative danger is removed. In reality, it is not even necessary to be in contact with the surfaces infected with pests to suffer the consequences. For example, feces and urine easily pollute the air of the premises concerned and can create health problems. Rats, for example, usually leave traces or trails of urine in their path to guide other members of their group, especially when they find food and favorable living conditions. It may therefore be very well that urine or bacteria of all kinds are found everywhere in your premises without necessarily being perceptible to the sense of smell or even visible. All kinds of diseases can be transmitted by these animals, such as leptospirosis or rat disease, salmonellosis, meningitis, and many hantaviruses dangerous to humans.

Sweeping or cleaning with the vacuum cleaner as a decontamination is actually far from making a difference. A qualified decontamination company like ours, and with the appropriate products and techniques is the preferred solution for the realization of a really effective work for your tranquility.

Decontamination to eliminate persistent odors

Problems with the smell of urine or feces,and especially those related to the putrefaction of rats or mice in your premises are particularly stubborn. The most vigorous household products and cleanings usually do not manage to change much. These bad smells can thus permeate a house for long days, for maximum discomfort for the inhabitants.

As part of the decontamination of your premises, our pest decontamination company in Montreal offers you the implementation of very elaborate deodorization techniques. Thanks to specific products and the installation of air exchanger systems, we will allow a sanitation of the ambient air in your premises by a rapid renewal, and for an effective elimination of the foul and extremely unpleasant scents that invade them. A complete decontamination of your home or business is essential if you want to have the assurance of avoiding any health risk, or simply to breathe healthy air again.

Conduits and pipes can be a challenge, when it comes to make bad odors disappear,and dislodge pests. The feces and garbage in it spread bad odors throughout the house, and it is sometimes difficult to clearly locate the source. For our company, this type of case is part of the routine. It is on a regular basis that we carry out a thorough decontamination of this type of places, to completely sanitize them.

Sequence of steps from disinsection or deratization to decontamination

An invasion of rodents, insects or pests of all kinds must be taken care of with unfailing professionalism, and in compliance with clear and chronological steps.

  • A reliable and rapid diagnosis makes it possible to define the extent of the infestation, and to determine according to this, and according to the type of pests to be eradicated, the most appropriate solutions.
  • Measures are then taken for the methodical elimination of pests, with destruction of their possible nests in the case of ants for example, and their eggs.
  • It is then necessary to realize caulking of the premises. This step aims to prevent any further invasion by making the premises inaccessible. The entrances and all possible exits are therefore caulked.
  • Finally comes the decontamination step itself. It is carried out efficiently and safely, and this in all rooms of the building or house concerned.

Our company uses approved and highly effective products to decontaminate each room. The most difficult to access places are also decontaminated as it should be by us.

Our company holds the permits and qualifications required to safely carry out this type of intervention to sanitize your premises and rid them of rodents, pests and all debris or excrement and germ left in their path. The decontamination must be carried out in strict compliance with the standards and rules specified by the Ministry of the Environment. You can count on our experience and our seriousness for irreproachable services.

Insulation problems due to pests

For private residential premises as well as for businesses, the presence of rodents and other pests in the attic, in the framework and in the gaps in the roof can create a great deal of damage. If your premises are not properly insulated or protected, rodents who are looking for safe shelters can very quickly establish a home for several behind the walls, and in the roof. They penetrate through the slightest cracks and air intakes and can over time aggravate them, which will significantly harm the structure of your building.

These beasts nest in the most diverse places, and it is relatively common that to get there, they gnaw and destroy the layers of insulation that contribute to the comfort of the inhabitants. Serious insulation problems can thus result directly from the presence of pests on your premises. It is known that energy losses caused by insulation defects in the roof can account for up to 30% of total heat loss.

Due to the material damage and health risks associated with their presence and those of their germs or excrement, a pest infestation must always be treated with the utmost seriousness and promptness.

Our company in Montreal for a decontamination of commercial or residential premises

For pest decontamination in Montreal, Quebec, our company is at your disposal. Regardless of the level of contamination and the type of insects or rodents, we offer a first-rate service for perfect hygiene of your premises. Our services are certified for their quality, and many individuals and companies in Montreal can testify to our professionalism. Do not hesitate to contact us to find out more about the rates charged, for a quick decontamination. We can also provide you with valuable preventive advice to avoid the invasion of pests of all kinds.