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Capture of animals

The presence ofanimals Wandering and some pests can disturb your tranquility and be disturbing. So it goes without saying that you are looking for ways to get rid of it. If you are looking for an animal capture company wanderings and extermination Of pests,Delta Extermination offers its services in the Montreal area.

Equipped with the right equipment and having a team of professionals, this company will meet your expectations. Read on to learn about its services and working methods.

Stray animal capture and relocation services

Delta Extermination offers you its animal capture services wanderings. The company also proposes to relocate these animals that walk near you, your company or workplace.

Capture and relocation of raccoons

In Quebec in general, and in Montreal in particular raccoons are among the protected animal species. Therefore, you are strictly forbidden to seek to exterminate them.

Most often, these animals end up near you, looking for food in the garbage cans. In some cases, they can even break into your home. Generally, this means that they have strayed and moved away from their natural habitat.

Their presence can also be a problem if they are carriers of sylvatic rabies. In addition, they can be the source of certain diseases and contaminate your pets. So the best thing to do is to contact professionals as soon as you notice their presence.

To ensure their protection and follow-up, you can use the service of capture and relocation of raccoons. They will simply be displaced and relocated to an environment more conducive to their development.

Bat capture and relocation

The bat is a protected species of animal in Quebec. You are therefore forbidden to hunt or kill it. During the summer she travels a lot. And it is quite possible that it finds refuge in your garden sheds, in your barns, in your attics, or even your garage.

This species of animals causes noise during its passage. In addition to being noisy, the bat can carry diseases and attract other parasites. This creates a possible risk of contamination for you, your entourage and your pets. Bats can also dirty your building.

This is all reason why it is advisable to contact competent people as soon as you notice their presence. The service bat capture and relocation will take care of getting them out of your home. It will also ensure their relocation to forests and others.

To avoid a new invasion in your habitat, in addition to capture services,the team will carry out work to plug faults and holes through which bats can enter your home.

Capture and relocation of skunks and squirrels

Skunks and squirrels are also among the protected animals that you can’t kill. During certain seasons, they can pick up their provision at your residence. If you notice their presence, call on the professionals. They will take care of capturing them without frightening them. Then they will take care of their relocation to areas where they will be safer and able to survive.

Pest capture and extermination service

Delta Extermination in Montreal also offers capture services and extermination of pests. These pest capture and extermination professionals have the best techniques to get rid of these animals in the best possible way.

Capture and extermination of rats and mice

Rats and mice can prove to be a real problem for you. La capturing rats and extermination of mice is one of the company’s specialties. Rodents roam around your home or business. They do a lot of damage during their passage and create real worries for you. Their presence becomes very alarming when they damage your belongings and eat away at your provisions. They can also damage your electrical cables and wires. At the same time, they create electricity problems.

Their invasion is most noticeable in autumn when they seek shelter. These rodents reproduce very quickly. This is one of the reasons why it is important to react quickly. Rats and mice can pass on diseases to you. For your well-being and that of your loved ones, it is therefore urgent to do something.

Contact a team of professionals to resolve the issue. They will first capture them and then exterminate them. They will take care to use methods and products that will not affect your health or habits. Extermination is done quickly and very effectively.

To prevent your house from becoming a nest of mice and rats again, you can benefit from a service to obstruct the paths by which they could return again.

Capture of wild animals and extermination of insects

The presence of wild animals including snakes is a very frightening thing. Some are very dangerous. If you scare them, they may attack you or even kill you. However, it is not easy to keep calm in front of these animals.

For insects too, they invade your space and wreak real havoc. It is important that you have an immediate reaction and contact the competent people for their extermination.

The Delta Extermination team has the necessary qualifications for all the interventions presented above. As for the company, it has all the documents authorizing it to capture, relocate and exterminate.

It should also be noted that the techniques that are used by the company to get rid of rodents and stray animals are those that comply with legislation and regulations. It also has the licenses and permits to carry out its activity legally in Montreal.