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The cohabitation of man with rodents, insects or ants has always been complicated, if not impossible. Even if these critters seem harmless in their natural environment, they remain real monsters in a house. They destroy cushions, eat food stocks, urinate everywhere and infest your living environment. To limit the damage, acting quickly remains the only option. Now, contact Delta Extermination in Chambly and the surrounding area to get rid of these animals. Find here some of our services.

What to know about Delta Extermination in Chambly?

Composed of nearly 30,000 inhabitants, Chambly is a small town in the Montérégie region. Apart from its very welcoming residents, it is also characterized by beautiful landscapes near the Richelieu River. It is the ideal setting to practice sports, organize picnics or other activities. However, this peaceful environment is also full of critters of all kinds who very often venture into neighboring houses. They then set themselves up as destroyers and transform the living space into a real battlefield. If you live in Chambly or the surrounding area, you have probably already faced the onslaught of these animals. Henceforth you can count on a reliable ally: Delta Extermination.

Our company specializes in the capture and relocation of wild animals and other pests. If you notice the presence of rodents, insects, ants or bedbugs in your home, do not hesitate to contact us. We will hunt them down in the cellar, attic or kitchen, to free up your entire living environment.

The main services of Delta Extermination

Throughout the Chambly region and neighbouring communities, we offer multiple services to residents. Beyond a simple extermination of critters, our experts also intervene for prevention and decontamination.

The prevention service in Chambly

With the professionals at Delta Extermination, you can live peacefully at home without fear of the intrusion of rodents and pests. This remains possible thanks to the talents of our craftsmen who offer you preventive solutions to the invasion of these animals. Indeed Prevention remains the first and best alternative to keep rodents away from home. In this sense, our company recommends the following actions:

  • The closure of the accesses that serve as entrances for the animals;
  • Preventive watering from the outside to keep pests away;
  • Carrying out smoke tests to detect small openings.

These techniques remain valid when animals have not yet invaded your living environment. Otherwise, the preventive solution will be to protect your home from future animal invasions. To this end, your involvement remains essential. In particular, you must ensure the cleanliness of risky rooms (kitchen, shower, attic, cellar, etc.) and maintain optimal hygiene throughout the house.

The animal capture and relocation service

If you notice the presence of critters in your home and their damage, do not panic: contact Delta Extermination and we will offer you an efficient and fast solution. We will put at your disposal experts who will take care of getting rid of these pests by following a strict procedure. Here’s how they do it for each intervention:

  • Identification of pests: they check the types of animals that have invaded the residence and the level of infestation;
  • The choice of the extermination solution: they provide for capture (for large critters) or extermination (other insects);
  • The application of the treatment: they apply the most suitable solution to the situation and clean the whole house.

The decontamination service

Our company does not just exterminate the pests present in your living environment. We also take care to decontaminate everything to restore comfort. This involves cleaning urine, feces and food scraps left behind by animals. This is also the time to get rid of substances harmful to health. Delta Extermination therefore proceeds to the elimination of pathogens and toxic waste. Finally, experts check the whole house and clean all the rooms to erase any trace of the passage of animals. To achieve this, they use modern vacuum cleaners and follow a precise process.

The caulking service

After the decontamination of your home, we proceed once again to the prevention of the next intrusions. Here, the company’s objective is to close all the accesses that allowed the entry of the critters: it is caulking. For impeccable results, our professionals in Chambly use quality materials, with good resistance. Thus, rodents or any other critter will no longer be able to return to the house. If trees are too close to the dwelling, Delta Extermination is also responsible for cutting their branches, as they remain essential channels for intrusion. And finally, we check and repair (if necessary) the gutters, water outlets and chimney. We then install steel mesh, braided mesh or cement.

Why use delta extermination’s services?

Throughout the territory of Chambly and the surrounding area, our company remains the reference for the extermination of rodents and pests. The inhabitants do not hesitate to give us their trust and we guarantee them quality services. You too, by using our services, you will benefit from multiple advantages such as:

  • Professional and gifted craftsmen, with an sense of detail;
  • Recognized experts with many years of experience;
  • Full availability (emergency response every day);
  • Total discretion and respect for your living environment;
  • A detailed quote and justified prices after the work;
  • A fast and efficient service, in all conditions.

No matter where you live in Chambly, we offer our services. We also operate in Quebec, Montreal, Boucherville, Saint-Jérôme and neighbouring regions. Do not hesitate to contact us at any time to get rid of the critters permanently.