Exterminator boucherville

In the natural environment, rodents, insects and ants are a wealth for wildlife. However, in some cases, these animals invade the living space of man, and cause a lot of damage. If you ever find yourself cluttered with these critters, you need to act quickly to get rid of them. In Boucherville and the surrounding area, you can now rely on our Delta Extermination professionals. We already present here some of our services.

What to know about Delta Extermination in Boucherville?

Boucherville represents a city of more than 40,000 inhabitants and is located on the banks of the St. Lawrence in Montérégie. This locality is distinguished above all by its residential areas with many prestigious houses. But it also contains parks, historic sites and green spaces. The latter remain refuges for animals and insects of all kinds. However their presence becomes a problem, when they venture into the living environment of residents and infest their homes.

If you live in the area or nearby, you have surely already had to fight against these critters without finding an effective solution. Henceforth with Delta Extermination, you will no longer notice shredded tissues or leftover food just about everywhere in your home. Our company has the skills required to capture and relocate wild animals and other pests (rodents, insects, ants, etc.). Whether they are in your cellar, attic or kitchen, we will take care of them and make your home habitable again.

The main services of Delta Extermination

To come to the rescue of the inhabitants of Boucherville against insects and invading critters, our company offers multiple services. No matter what problems you encounter, we will not fail to find you the ideal solution.

The prevention service in Boucherville

In the process of extermination of rodents and wild animals, prevention is the first step. Indeed, anticipating the invasion of these critters will allow you to better prepare and even avoid their installation in your home. To help you, Delta Extermination therefore offers you two preventive solutions. At first, you need to prevent the appearance of pests in your home. Here’s how we do it:

  • Closure of backdoor accesses that can facilitate the entry of animals;
  • Preventive watering from the outside to keep wasps, spiders and ants away;
  • Perform smoke tests to detect small openings.

In a second step, if the critters have already settled, you must now protect your residence from the next animal invasions. For each of these actions, your involvement remains paramount. In particular, we advise you to adopt certain reflexes: always keep risky rooms (kitchen, shower, attic, cellar, etc.) clean, avoid depositing food everywhere and maintain optimal hygiene.

The animal capture and relocation service

If critters have already invaded your living environment, don’t worry: we can always save the day. Our company Delta extermination will send you competent professionals to clean your entire home in a short time. Their intervention takes place in three stages, namely:

  • Identification of pests: this allows you to know precisely the animals in your home and the extent of the infestation;
  • The choice of extermination solution: our experts can opt for capture (for large critters) or extermination (other insects);
  • The application of the treatment: here, our company applies the best solution and proceeds to the cleaning of the entire residence.

The decontamination service

After the capture and relocation of animals, decontaminating the entire house remains essential to restore comfort. Indeed, during their stay, pests usually leave urine, feces and food scraps everywhere. Since these are substances harmful to human health, our company takes decontamination to heart. At this stage, Delta Extermination proceeds to the elimination of pathogens. Our professionals check the whole house, and clean all the rooms where the animals might have passed. For this purpose, they will use modern vacuum cleaners and will follow a strict procedure: preparation, collection, cleaning and prevention by repellents.

The caulking service

In addition to the prevention and extermination of animals, our company also offers caulking services in Boucherville. This consists in closing all the accesses that allowed the intrusion of the critters. We use good quality materials, with good resistance to withstand the possible onslaught of rodents. We also take care of cutting down trees too close to the house (they remain excellent channels for invasion). Our experts also check and rearrange the gutters, the water outlets and the chimney. Depending on your preference, they may use steel mesh, braided mesh or cement for these tasks.

Why use delta extermination’s services?

If the inhabitants of Boucherville and the surrounding area give us their trust today, it is mainly because we guarantee them a quality service. In addition, we offer them multiple advantages and we make it easier for them to capture and relocate animals that occupy their living environment. You too, do not hesitate to contact us and you will benefit from assets such as:

  • Competent and dynamic professionals, with an sense of detail;
  • Experts with many years of experience and recognized know-how;
  • Permanent availability (every day and every hour);
  • Total discretion and respect for your living environment;
  • A fair and equitable quote after the visit and the assessment of the damage;
  • A fast and efficient service, regardless of the conditions.

Outside Boucherville, our company Delta Extermination also operates throughout Quebec City, Montreal, Saint-Jérôme, Gatineau and neighboring communities. In addition, whether in an apartment, an establishment, a house or a second home, we will not fail to meet your expectations. Do not hesitate to contact us at any time.