Control and capture of raccoons

In love with the human neighborhood, the raccoon is a rodent that has taken up residence in large cities. A harmless animal in the forest, human cohabitation with this nocturnal mammal is undoubtedly a problem. For good reason, raccoons cause a lot of damage and can transmit many diseases to humans. Therefore, it is important to take measurements as soon as possible as soon as you notice the presence of this rodent in your home. One of them is to use a raccoon control and capture service. This solution has many advantages. To learn more, read on!

What are the signs of a raccoon in your home?

Raccoons tend to settle in the attic and attics of houses. The main signs of a raccoon infestation are mostly auditory and visual. Given the potential risk associated with the presence of this animal, it is important to detect them in order to take appropriate measures. Below are some main signs that will confirm your suspicions about the presence of raccoons in your home:

  • Ravaged food sources:if you find that the contents of garbage cans, feeders, etc. are overturned and scattered, it may be because of raccoons;
  • Sounds of scratching and rustling in your atticat night: if you find that there is enough movement in your attic, it is a safe bet that raccoons have taken up residence there.
  • Distinct footprints on the ground:When you notice paw marks in the yard or claw marks on the snowy ground, this is a telltale sign of the presence of raccoons in your surroundings.
  • Accumulated feces:If you observe accumulated feces that resemble a dog’s stool near entrances, on the roof or in attics, you certainly have to deal with raccoons.

To these different signs are added the damage to the insulation of a house, shingles, wood, electrical cables, etc.. As soon as you observe any of these signs, it is important to find ways to push these rodents away from your home as soon as possible. This is about the safety of the occupants of your property, but also about their health.

Why are raccoons harmful?

Raccoons are rodents that seek refuge during the cold season. They find in the houses the food as well as the ideal temperature to acclimatize during their bad season. It is an animal that adapts very well to semi-urban life and human presence. However, minimizing its presence in a neighborhood and considering it harmless is a serious mistake. Here are some reasons!

The raccoon, an aggressive animal!

It is true that the remarkable beauty of the animal can push to want to keep it at home. However, before this idea goes through your head, remember that the raccoon hardly forgets its wild character. Indeed the beast has 40 teeth with long canines and sharp claws. When the raccoon feels threatened, it is able to react as a wild beast that it is and attack! These are very serious bites that will have to be feared. To do this, it is better to use a Control and Capture of Raccoons service so as not to expose yourself to the risk of bite.

The raccoon, an undesirable presence!

Whether it’s Montreal or elsewhere, the raccoon always finds the places that suit him. Whether in the attic, fireplaces, barns, etc. this rodent gradually invades all the spaces not often used. Very often it breeds in houses where it is not disturbed. Thus, to do nothing to the observation of the presence of this beast, it is to leave it free way to invade you.

The raccoon, a vector of disease

Cohabitation with raccoons is both fatal for humans and pets. Indeed, since the animal spends all its time rummaging through garbage cans, it is not surprising that it is a carrier of many diseases. These are transmissible to humans and pets. One of the most common is sylvatic rabies,deadly for humans.

How to avoid an invasion of raccoons?

Do you want to keep this wild cat away from your home? So, here are some useful tips to consider.

  • Cut the branches of trees near your home.
  • Move away from the points of support that run along the side of your home, such as a garbage can, ladder, etc.
  • Regularly inspect the aluminum soffit along the entire length and on each side of the roof.
  • Get a garbage can or garbage box with an airtight lid.

Why use a Raccoon Control and Capture service?

When you have raccoons that cause nuisance in your property in Montreal, you have two options. You can try to resolve the situation on your own or use an Animal Control and Capture service. While the first option leads to increased health and safety risks, the second option allows humane control of these rodents.

Indeed, the Control and capture of raccoons use legal means that will capture these animals and keep them several kilometers away from your home. Thanks to a physical struggle, these professionals will make you regain your tranquility.

In addition, whether harmful or not, raccoons are essential for biodiversity. These are species to protect, as they are already endangered in some places. Thus, to call on a specialist to get rid of this mammal is to take care of the ecosystem.