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Rodent control

Rats and especially mice love to intrud into homes. When these rodents become embedded in homes for various causes, it is as difficult to eliminate them as it is to control them. For your safety and health, offers effective and permanent rodent extermination solutions.

Animal capture and relocation service

The presence of rats and mice in the premises is related to several reasons. To counter these rodents, Delta Extermination offers an animal capture and relocation service based on different techniques such as smoke testing, the use of traps, trap cages and poisons and caulking.

Extermination of rats and mice

To successfully exterminate rats or exterminate mice, it is important to know their sources of origin. Knowing the sources of origin of rats and mice gives you more chance to fight them permanently. It should be noted that rats manage to integrate the houses especially through the sewers, which are one of their favorite places. When a breakage is present in a sewer, the rat finds it easy to integrate the premises. Similarly, when there is degradation of the premises, the rat can have access to them. As for the mouse, it is present in holes, ceilings and dark areas. Mice are especially looking for water, heat and food.

With Delta Extermination, all mouse and rat hiding places are discovered using an efficient and reliable technique. Delta Extermination proceeds by smoke test. This test is known to be effective, environmentally friendly and fast in detecting rodent nests. This test involves injecting non-toxic smoke into drainage systems, sewer pipes, holes. Thus, the failure is detected (broken pipe or crack) to know the entry of rodents. Thanks to the smoke test, the smallest cracks are detected. You get a reliable and accurate diagnosis of the problem of rat invasion.

In addition to the smoke test, rodent control takes place by laying trap cages, traps and poison. At Delta Extermination, the best and compliant products are used to serve you. They are neither toxic nor dangerous to humans and animals.

Caulking service

Annihilating a few found mice and rats is not an end in itself. When rodent entrances are not protected, they may come back to disturb you anytime soon. A rat can integrate a hole with a size of 25 cents while a mouse can integrate a size of 10 cents. These dimensions are quite small and difficult to spot. To avoid any inconvenience, Delta Extermination offers a caulking service.

Caulking consists in sealing the plausible entrances of rodents (the joint between the roof and the wall, cracks in pipes, the bottoms of doors, roofs). The invasion of rodents is not predictable. These rodents are difficult to exterminate. For example, a mouse can reproduce up to 10 mice. These mice can in turn reproduce five weeks later.

As well as mice, rats drag parasites, and their feces are harmful to health. Often, mice damage the insulation and gnaw at the electrical wires. The risk of fire is increased for this purpose.

You need to be proactive in repairing any openings you spot in your home. A very small hole can be fatal to you. Thanks to caulking, the problems of rat infestations are solved definitively. With Delta Extermination, effective caulking solutions are offered to you to mitigate the invasion of rodents.

Decontamination service

It is important to deworm your premises after a rodent capture and relocation. This step is paramount, but often overlooked. For your health, decontamination protects you from diseases. Even if the animals are dead, their urine, feces and germs remain on your surfaces. These substances are carriers of diseases that are dangerous to health. Without parasitic decontamination following the extermination of rodents, you are for example exposed to risks of hantavirus, leptospirosis, salmonellosis, tularemia.

It is the then essential that the premises be restored to a sanitary condition and free of any contamination. Parasitic decontamination at Delta Extermination is carried out efficiently and safely. All rooms, even the most difficult to access in your home or business, are covered. In addition to disinfecting the premises, these can be deodorized to allow you to breathe healthy air. Certified technicians are available to offer you impeccable service. With sophisticated and quality tools, approved techniques, they will meet your expectations well. All problems as a result of rodent infestation are easily solved with Delta Extermination.

Efficiency, speed and assurance of extermination in the Montreal area

Delta Extermination offers you efficient services. The tools and techniques used by the company are approved by the Ministry of the Environment. Whether it is products to control or kill rodents (smoke, poison, traps, cages), products used for caulking, pest decontamination products, Delta Extermination acts according to the standards of the Ministry of the Environment. The company has all the necessary licenses, permits and insurance to capture and exterminate rodents. Through this process, you have the assurance that you will not put your life at risk or face justice. In addition, the compliance of Delta Extermination’s activities with the regulations of the Ministry of the Environment gives you the guarantee of the effectiveness of the techniques used to fight rodents. Rest assured, Delta Extermination’s work is complete and sustainable.

In addition, Delta Extermination is quick to call you. Emergency animal extermination, caulking and pest decontamination work is possible at Delta Extermination. The team of technicians moves quickly and responds appropriately to your requirements. If you live in the Montreal area, Delta Extermination has everything you need to fight rodents at home. Contact customer service without delay on the Delta-Extermination website (