Extermination Repentigny

In documentaries, it is always interesting to look at rodents or insect colonies. But, when it comes to finding them infesting your home like invaders, it’s immediately a different story. It then seems necessary to take measures to get rid of these bulky guests. How do we capture and relocate wild animals? We tell you everything.

An efficient extermination service in Repentigny

If you live in Repentigny,you will probably be dealing with Insects and pests that can invade your home. The Ants are one of the biggest threats, especially since they are capable of damaging your furniture. It will therefore be necessary to find an effective solution to get rid of it.

The most logical option is to contact an extermination service like Delta. Our specialists have the necessary competence, expertise and equipment to purge your home and make it a haven of peace and tranquility.

Comprehensive extermination services

The infestation of a home or the invasion of a house by animals is never the result of chance. This is usually due to a set of factors such as humidity or the geographical location of the home. As solutions, Delta offers a complete extermination service that takes into account prevention, extermination itself, decontamination, insulation and caulking. Our experts have a microbial decontamination permit allowing them to carry out qualitative work, in any home.

The prevention service

The main objective of the prevention service is to keep wild animals away from your home. It starts with a thorough inspection of the house. Whether it’s the cellar, attic or the most isolated places in your home, Delta experts take care of turning your home into an impregnable fort for pests.

Overall, the prevention service is done in two stages: a service to prevent the appearance of pests (if they are not already present) and an effective protection service that respects the environment. This protection will involve the closure of accesses that could facilitate the intrusion of animals and preventive watering from the outside. The expert can even make a Smoke test to check the condition of your pipes, in case they serve as a path.

However, before any expert intervention, it is advisable to do the few steps yourself to protect yourself from pests. It is a question of regularly checking the places at risk such as the kitchen or the shower and maintaining an optimal state of hygiene. No need to clean regularly; a vacuum cleaner will do the trick. You will also need to control the humidity of the rooms. Wet places are fertile ground for cockroaches and woodlice.

Extermination Service

Delta Extermination offers an extermination service based on the pest that infects your home. Whether it’s a cockroat, a spider or a bat, our experts will put in place a strategy to exterminate them. This approach may just be a service for the capture of stray wild animals,or an extermination service itself, in the case of smaller pests.

Extermination can go through traps set up with bait. In any case, the expert will always exterminate pests from the home with healthy and responsible methods. Overall, the operation takes place in three main stages: the identification of pests, the choice of the strategy to be adopted and the application of the treatment. For example, for theextermination of mice, the expert will use bait to capture them. In cases ofextermination of ants,he will instead use repellents to drive them away completely.

Decontamination service

Decontamination is the most important step afterextermination some animals. Concerned about the health of its customers, Delta takes care of limiting any risk of contamination in your home. This decontamination involves cleaning the pathogens left by the pests and restoring the places deteriorated by the extermination.

Decontamination is a sensitive operation because it requires the handling of chemical elements that are dangerous to people. Animal urine can be harmful to humans, the decontamination service Delta uses modern vacuum cleaners and chemical cleaners to control particles. We have the technical and material quality to completely decontaminate your attic or cellar.

The insulation and caulking service

Caulking is the last major step in pest management. It makes it possible to close the accesses of the house to wild animals. This requires careful inspection of the building and installation of good quality materials.

Trees, soffits and roofs are favorite places for wild animals. It is imperative to protect your home from intruders who could pass through these channels to enter it. Our experts offer galvanized steel mesh, braided mesh or cement to close any openings. Wire mesh, for example, is effective in keeping raccoons away, while cement will be used to plug gaps in walls. the caulking service is therefore ecological, preventive and clearly beneficial to your home.

Exterminators who listen to needs

A service can only be judged to be of quality if it combines efficiency and speed. Delta Extermination is aware of this, and that is why we always do our utmost to ensure that all our operations in your homes take place as soon as possible. Our interventions take place on the same day that you contact us and we take into account all your needs before doing our work. Thus, you have the assurance of ending all these Rodents that infest your home.

Whether it is theextermination of rats or pests of all kinds, you can contact Delta Extermination, wherever you are in Repentigny and even in the surrounding localities. The result will certainly live up to your expectations.