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In our homes, we are not always immune to the inconvenience that insects, rodents and others could cause. When insects become more and more invasive, there is no need to continue with commercial products that usually prove ineffective in the long run or too expensive. The best is to use a company specialized in disinsection, recognized by the competent bodies. With us at Delta Extermination, we offer you our services of capture and relocation of animals, rodents, insects and ants, our services of decontamination, capture of stray wild animals, caulking and prevention services. We also carry out smoke tests on your premises to ensure the protection of your habitat in the Montreal area.

Extermination Service Montreal Area

Do you think you are safe from infestation problems? Today, health problems even concern cities as well. Increasingly, houses, buildings, businesses or office buildings are becoming the nest of insects or rodents. When they invade your space, rats, mice or insects will in no time defile the space with their feces and urine. In the event of a large infestation, the quantities of droppings will also be large and likely to cause problems. This is because infestations impact your home’s humidity levels, causing ventilation problems and promoting the growth of mold and fungus.

Our extermination service in the Montreal area allows you to quickly and sustainably get rid of your infestation problems. Whether insects (ants, cockroaches, spiders, etc.) or harmful rodents (mice, rats, mules and squirrels), Delta Extermination exterminates all your parasites. Our technicians who work with you are certified and use pest control methods and products approved by the Ministry of the Environment. Our extermination services in the Montreal area are offered at an affordable price.

Decontamination service

Your home is infested! Why wait? You need to carry out its complete decontamination. Indeed, even if you think you have killed all insects, it is essential to carry out the decontamination, because their droppings and germs are still present. This could cause serious health problems (allergies and asthma attacks or others). At Delta Extermination, we use products that completely disinfect your living or working place, ensuring a healthy and clean environment. Our technicians are certified and the products we use are all approved by the relevant authorities. Our structure holds all the permits, licenses and insurance essential to carry out a professional and safe decontamination.

Wildlife Capture Service

In addition to extermination and decontamination services, we also carry out the capture and relocation in the forest of small animals such as raccoons, skunks, bats and honeycombs, as these animals cannot be exterminated due to the protection they enjoy. In addition, we capture birds that would infiltrate your home and then release them. Our technicians use gentle methods (capture cages with bait).

Smoke test

The smoke test process involves blowing smoke into sewer and drainage pipes for the purpose of locating the cause of bad odors and the ways in which they enter the house; identify problems caused by rodents; isolate possible water leaks and unmask dangerous gas leaks. Indeed, when we eject non-toxic smoke under pressure into drainage systems and sewer pipes, we identify possible cracks or pieces of broken pipe that allow rodents to infiltrate your home.

Caulking service

It can happen that you feel cold air intakes as soon as you pass your hand in front of a window in your home. If you notice it, it is essential to caulk your openings internally or externally. The caulking operation involves closing or plugging the small spaces that exist in the corners of the windows to prevent external elements such as water or wind from entering the house. For optimal results, use our professional services. Indeed, Delta Extermination offers its customers a caulking service for cracks and holes in order to avoid possible cases of infestation. If you do not protect your home, insects and small rodents can still enter the house or business. We take care of the inspection of the elements present on the roof. Similarly, we offer the installation of protective grids if this is essential. Finally, we carry out an inspection of the soffits to ensure that small rodents can no longer enter the attic.

Good to know: beyond the attacks of rodents and others, this situation is detrimental to the management of your energy consumption. As a result, it affects not only your financial resources, but also your health.

Prevention Service

Our certified and experienced technicians are able to explain how to prevent an insect and rodent infestation. They can offer you suggestions that are easy to set up. Keeping your home clean and without food seeds, sealing the various possible entrances, maintaining a low humidity level, are all possible solutions. You can also do a visual inspection of your home on a regular basis.

Contact Delta Extermination for an extermination service in the Montreal area. Our teams of specialized technicians travel to all cities in the Montreal area.