Extermination and control of rats

In Montreal,ratinfestation can become a real problem when you don’t act quickly. Indeed, these rodents have the ability to multiply very quickly and give birth to bacteria through their feces. Similarly, these intruders can damage your home. So, to avoid this state of affairs, you need to call on a professional. Delta Extermination,is a company that will be able to get rid of rats in your home. Discover here our expertise inthe extermination and control of rats in the city of Montreal.

Extermination of rats in Montreal

First of all, it should be noted that a thorough knowledge of these rodents is necessary to be able to overcome them. Thus, we can distinguish two different categories of rats:

  • Sewer rats or brown rats
  • Black rats or attic rats

The first category of rats is recognizable by its size. In addition, it very often lives underground and underground. As for black rats, they are thinner than others. They are the ones that are most often found in homes. Their favorite habitat is the attic and ceiling.

Apart from a perfect knowledge of these mammals, our team knows how to recognize their signs of activity. Thus, to know if rats have taken up residence in your home, it is necessary to check if there is not excrement in certain corners of the house. In addition, it is not uncommon to find a bunch of materials in corners of the house. These materials most often serve as their nest. To overcome these pests, Delta Extermination offers you some solutions for the treatment and extermination of rats in your home.

For example, you can prune shrubs or other plants in your home and put firewood high. You can also close cracks and other openings in your home. Check if there are no holes in the walls, if so, plug them with steel wool or cement. You can also use poisons and traps to repel them.

Extermination of rats in Montreal

Before calling on a rat exterminator, you need to know the signs of their presence in your home. In reality, you can hear unusual noises at home at night coming from the attic. Urine and feces are also signs that should not be overlooked. Or, you see gnawed materials. Under these conditions, contact us.

Avoid rat infestations

The extermination of rats is much more difficult than that of mice. Indeed, these rodents are smarter and have an impressive ability to adapt. This is why you must call on a professional to avoid any infestation. Truth be told, in addition to being clever, rats multiply very quickly. The gray rat in particular can spawn more than a hundred individuals in no time once it settles in your pipes.

Very quickly, they build galleries by destroying everything in their path with their teeth. To get rid of it, the best is to call on Delta Extermination. Indeed, we are the
best rat exterminators in Montreal
. With our in-depth knowledge, our experts will be able to properly analyze the behavior of rodents and know how to eliminate them easily and quickly. It should be noted that we also use smoke tests to detect their presence.

Avoiding diseases

Destroying your belongings is not the only consequence of a rat infestation. Indeed, these rodents can just as well transmit diseases to you. Thus, toxoplasmosis is a disease that can be associated with rats. It affects the fetus of the pregnant woman and can also affect immunodeficient people. There is also leptospirosis which is transmitted through the urine of rats and can lead to diarrhea and vomiting. So you need to call in experts in the extermination of rats as soon as you notice their presence in your home.

Extermination of rats, a matter of professionals

Several techniques are used by our staff in the extermination of rats. First, it spots and traps rodents. During the process, experts consider the accessibility of where the trap can be installed. If it is large enough, then a spring trap can be placed in it. This is the type of trap that kills rats instantly. However, for a good extermination, it is important to find the ideal bait. It is therefore necessary to find the one that will be compatible with the trap that will have to be set.

Due to their highly developed survival instinct, it very often happens that rats escape death. So, despite the quality of the bait you give them, they may not quickly fall into the traps. This is where our expertise is crucial. Thanks to our knowledge of rodents, we will be able to offer you quality services. Indeed, our exterminators know everything about the morphology of these intruders, their way of life, etc.

This is what allows us to make our traps much more effective. To overcome these critters, their nest can also be destroyed. To do this, it would first be necessary to go up to the nest. It is a delicate operation that requires professionalism. It is able to follow the path of rats, until they know their entry into your home. Once the spotting is done, we proceed to the extermination.

Extermination of rats throughout the Greater Montreal area

Delta Extermination can intervene in any region of Quebec City. Thus, you can call on him if you are in Montreal, Laval or the South Shore. Whether in Le Plateau-Mont-Royal, Old Montreal, the Latin Quarter, our intervention is done with efficiency and discretion.

In addition, we are in a better position to advise you on the fight against all kinds of pests. This means that our knowledge of insectdecontaminationis remarkable.


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