An infestation is the strong presence of non-microbial parasites in a living organism. This phenomenon can also be understood as a rapid and sudden increase in the number of populations of a pest species in a specific location. Indeed, this phenomenon presents considerable material and health risks such as diseases or accidents at work. To effectively fight against these parasites, discover here the steps to adopt.

Prevention of an invasion of parasites

The proliferation of harmful critters or other parasites in your premises is a big headache. It is therefore essential to undertake some pest prevention actions. You need to set up good habits that will permanently prevent these critters from settling in your home. As a first step, you need to hire a professional to repair all foundation cracks and caulk.

The purpose of this action is to close all access points for pests. Then you need to properly clean and make sure to store food properly. Parasites are constantly looking for waste or food. You should then avoid leaving meal crumbs on the kitchen table or dirty dishes.

In addition, parasites also look for water to ensure their survival. Thus, they love stagnant water. You should avoid leaving water in a bowl of food and turn off your tap.

Calling on insect extermination professionals

It is not impossible to notice late the invasion of your home by parasites. It will therefore be very difficult for you to eradicate them yourself. Indeed, a strong proliferation of invaders deserves to be treated with specific products. A specialized company will be able to use the best techniques to identify pests that are invisible in broad daylight.

It is then strongly recommended to call on professionals for the extermination of parasites. Companies such as Delta Extermination can quickly intervene in your premises and end the stay of pests in your home. In addition, their professionals can provide a residential service for a complete extermination. In addition, it is also important to call on professionals to ensure high safety during disinsection. Finally, a team of professionals will decontaminate your floors.

Identifying the invader for better pest management

To effectively stop an invasion of parasites, it is important to consider its species or nature. Indeed, it is essential to know the nature of the invading parasites to establish the technique to eliminate them definitively.


Mice and rats are responsible for many problems when they infest your home or farm. They alone are responsible for more than 45 diseases, including leptospirosis, trichinosis and salmonellosis. In addition, rats and mice can carry pathogenic organisms on their paws. It is therefore necessary to do a specific work of deratization to eliminate them from your premises.


Although they do not seem harmful or dangerous, these critters are likely to cause various damages in a home. They spread very quickly in a house, because they are social insects. Your home could thus host an ant nest that can contain millions of individuals. The density of a nest varies depending on the environment, including the abundance of food. With an exterminator in Montreal, you will manage to destroy the nest of insects.

Equip yourself with the best extermination products in Montreal

Regardless of the parasite that attacks your home, it is important to make use of the best products in order to exterminate them properly. In the first place, you need to equip yourself with insecticide and rat poison. The first is an active substance or phytosanitary preparation capable of killing insects, their eggs or larvae. Thus, this product can allow you to eliminate bedbugs, mosquitoes, fleas, locusts … This product is therefore ideal for disinsection. As for the rat poison, it makes it possible to carry out a complete deratization. Indeed, this product is a substance whose properties are lethal to rats.

Apart from pesticides, you can also use other natural products in order to eliminate pests. As such, you can get diatomaceous earth, chili or garlic powder. Finally, you can also use traps to capture rats or mice.

You now know the approach to adopt in case of invasion of parasites.