The reputation of rats precedes them in a thousand places. And this fame is not the most glorious. This makes many people hate having them in the same environment as them. Humans have always sought to eliminate them. Despite this, these rodents do not stop invading the dwelling places of humans. So the question to ask is whether or not these rodents fear human beings. Here’s what the experts at DELTA Extermination think.

The rat: a naturally fearful rodent

Like rodents, the rat is confronted with a continuous development of its incisors. He is therefore forced to gnaw everything he finds in order to reduce the size of his teeth. Hence its harmful character vis-à-vis humans. In reality, it is an animal that is naturally afraid of humans. They do not invade homes as conquerors. Nor are they disgusting animals.

A priori, rats do not attack humans. Instead, they run away from them. However, if these rodents feel threatened to the extreme, they could attack humans. So, you wonder why this animal fearful of humans is always in the same environment as humans.

Why do rats invade human living spaces?

The main reason is that these rodents need to feed. However, it is not always easy for these critters to have food in their wild environment. On the other hand, the places where humans live are usually full of food. This food is stored in the reserves of houses as well as in garbage cans. The rat especially has trouble resisting the smell of food.

In addition, the rat is an animal that often needs water to quench its thirst. However, this resource is omnipresent in homes through the plumbing network, gutters, water bowls for pets. Where there is water and food, there is a risk of invasion by rats.

Why are rats hated by humans?

There are few people who like rats. If the vast majority of humans hate them, it is because they have a strong capacity for nuisance. Without having a terrifying appearance, this mammal is able to make your life difficult. They easily deplete food supplies in homes. In the fields, they serve themselves as they wish.

Moreover, they are not limited to food. They also gnaw at everything that is hard including metal. They destroy all electrical wires and then create breakdowns in household appliances. Although these rodents are unlikely to attack humans, they are not good company. We will have to get rid of it.

Is it possible to keep rats away from home?

Yes, it is possible to avoid having a rat in the house. In this regard, delta Extermination’s first advice to people is to store their food supplies out of reach of animals and pests. You can use boxes with an airtight closure. Also, leftover food should not be poured into the sink, let alone into the toilet. The fact is that these remains will go into the sewers where the brown rat resides.

You can also use natural methods such as placing eucalyptus leaves at the foot of the walls as well as at the level of the areas where the rats pass. You can also use essential oil blends such as:

  • lemongrass;
  • laurel;
  • clary sage;
  • peppermint;
  • eucalyptus.

There are also very effective electronic repellents against these rodents. However, their prolonged use can push rats to adapt to them.

How to permanently get rid of these rodents?

You can start by having rat traps installed in the house. As bait, use peanut butter on bread crumbs. It is also possible to use chemicals to eradicate the infestation. Except that these products are generally toxic and must be handled with care. That is why it is better to use professional pest exterminators.

Delta Extermination
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