The infestation of houses by rodents and especially by mice is a real concern. The fact is that these animals are known to be true destroyers of everything that falls under their snouts. Often, one of the precautions people take against these animals is to put the food on the furniture. Is such caution effective? Aren’t these rodents able to climb on furniture?

Mice can mount on furniture

Like most rodents, mice are able to climb on furniture. Indeed, thanks to the anatomy of the paws of these pests, they can climb on all surfaces. It is enough for this, that the surface is relatively rough.

The fact that the furniture has legs with vertical surfaces does not prevent these animals from mounting. Therefore, do not be surprised to see your food started by this rodent. Regardless of the height at which the furniture allows you to place the food, the mouse will reach the latter.

What do mice feed on in the house?

A mouse in the house will feed on all kinds of things. Before saying the different foods that attract mice to homes, it should be noted that these animals do not gnaw essentially for food. In fact, the growth of their incisors is continuous. Therefore, these animals are forced to gnaw at everything they see in order to constantly reduce the size of their front teeth.

Mice do not have a complicated diet. They can feed on foods of both plant and animal origin. However, this rodent has a special preference for certain foods. These are seeds, nuts and fruits. He also loves cheese and butter. Mice like to eat foods high in fat.

In the context of mouse infestation , if you place cereals or ham on a piece of furniture, be sure that the mice will climb on the furniture to eat these foods. The ideal is to really cover the food after arranging it on the furniture.

As previously said, mice feed on everything. To reduce the length of their incisors, they gnaw at electrical cables as well as plastic. Sometimes they even file iron with their teeth.

Natural tips to get rid of mice

If you have mice in the house, do not hesitate for a second to get rid of them. Otherwise, you may face a large-scale infestation . There are several ways to eradicate these rodents. These means are either chemical or natural. Among the natural means, there are:

  • mint;
  • sage;
  • bay leaves;

It is possible to use these repellents in their natural forms or using their essences. If you plan to use the leaves, it is recommended to put them in strategic corners of the house. In this way, you will scare away these pests without killing them.

How to trap a mouse in the house?

To trap this rodent, you can use its weak point. The latter is his diet. Indeed, you can use pea butter for example to bait it. Peanut butter will also do. Above all, do not use cheese. It is not a good bait unlike what a large world of people believes.

There are many other very effective mouse traps. These traps are specially designed to treat these animals in the most humane way possible. These are traps designed to withstand the onslaught of rodents without them being able to escape. These mouse traps can be placed both inside the house and outside it.

Entrust disinfestation to professionals

Getting to eradicate mice from your home on your own can take a huge amount of time. However, the longer the infestation lasts, the more it grows, because these pests reproduce very quickly. The female of the mouse ovulates every 5 days, and this from its sixth week of life. To eliminate these rodents permanently from your home, you need to resort to professionals like
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