During the night, do you ever hear scratching sounds coming from the attic or the walls of your house? These noises are certainly caused by rats that have taken up residence in these places. It is therefore essential to react expressly in order to get rid of these rodents. So, how to proceed?

Methods to get rid of rats

Several techniques are within your reach and can allow you to get rid of rats permanently.

Use of rodonticides

Rodonticides are specific poisons that function as anticoagulants. Rodents including rats are very sensitive to these products. Indeed, when these critters bite on the bait, their heart rate is high while their blood volume is low.

To use this product against rats in the house, you need to use bait. Usually, the product is sold already in the form of baits. These can be:

  • Coated cereals;
  • Pasta;
  • Pellets;
  • Etc.

You should place the lures in the places most frequented by rats. To take effect, the poison takes between 2 and 3 days. Thus, other rodents will not be able to make the link between the death of their loved ones and the bait. In fat, it should be remembered that these pests are very intelligent.

It should be noted that rodenticide should not be left within the reach of children or pets. Indeed, this product is also dangerous for them.

Use of poison-free lethal traps

These items have the particularity of acting slowly, but effectively, since they do not contain poison. There are several. As an example, you can use glue traps. It is a plate covered with glue that will have to be placed in the path of rats. These critters will get stuck in it and will not be able to escape from the trap. After a few days, they will eventually die. This is why it is essential to check daily if the glue has retained an animal or not.

The other poison-free trap that is known to all is the rat swatter. It is made of a bar stretched by a spring. A bait must be placed there. When the rat in the house eats the bait, the spring activates the bar, which violently hits the animal and traps it. The beast dies on the spot.

Use of electric trap

The principle is to arrange in an electric trap a bait. The latter also has the role of attracting the animal into the trap. In this case, the rodent receives an electric shock and then dies automatically. This flycatcher is one of the most effective and quick solutions against rodents in the house.

Use of repellents

The goal here is not to fight the infestation by killing rodents, but it is to push them out of the house. Speaking of pest repellents, there are several kinds. Indeed, you will find some that are boxes capable of emitting ultrasound when connected to a mains. These ultrasounds stress rodents a lot. They end up leaving the premises. It should be noted that pets are not sensitive to these ultrasounds.

There are also liquid repellents that usually consist of essential oils and other natural ingredients. They are also effective. To eradicate an infestation, simply spray them in places frequented by rats.

Major infestation: call on professionals

The different methods that we have just presented are effective in cases where the infestation of the dwelling by rats is less. Faced with a large number of rats in the house, the ideal is to contact Delta Extermination if you are in Montreal or the surrounding area.

Experienced professionals in rat control, we will overcome the infestation of your home by rats or other harmful rodents. For this purpose, we use products that are permitted by current legislation. Better still, these products are mostly environmentally friendly.