The spider is one of the critters that affect the comfort of all homes. Bad character of several tales, she is seen as a dangerous critter. This is often the case in reality. Like most homes, is yours a victim of spider invasion? What could be the factors of this invasion? Discover here an overview of the elements that attract spiders to a house.

Elements that invite spiders into dwellings

The main cause of the presence of spiders in a house is the lush vegetation around this house. This predator of the arachnid class invades houses by the same exits as those used by cockroaches.

During the fall, the spider needs a perfect place where it can weave its web in anticipation of hibernation. And that ideal place is of course the houses. They usually populate the least lit places in the houses. These places are most of the time very little ventilated.

In the minds of many people, the cleaner a house is, the more spiders it attracts. This is not true. However, substandard housing can promote its own invasion by spiders.

In addition, spiders do not lay their eggs under the skin of humans or any other animal. They do not support the normal temperature of the human body.

Through what exits do these critters access the houses?

To enter the houses, spiders have at their disposal many exits. These critters enter houses through cellars, roofs and all ventilation ducts. If there are places in your home that are not very crowded, be aware that spiders will make their homes there. They also pass through the gaps present at the level of the walls in order to enter the dwellings. Finally, it should also be noted that these critters can also enter your home through windows and doors.

Some people say that it is in September that spiders invade homes. This is completely false. To tell the truth, spiders are present in homes throughout the year. Very small, they easily hide in dark places while waiting for summer. As soon as this period arrives, these critters gain weight.

You will see few spiders in your home during the fall. However, the ones you will see will be big. Indeed, this is the favorable breeding season for these critters. If females are known not to move too much, this is not the case for males. The latter walk around the houses in search of females.

How to prevent an invasion of your home by spiders?

In the minds of humans, the spider is a dangerous critter. Therefore, it is the phobia of most people. Do you hate to see spiders in your home? If so, be aware that there are many ways to prevent their intrusion into your home.

The first tip is to have mosquito nets at the different exits of your house. These include doors, windows and fireplaces. Mosquito nets are excellent barriers against the intrusion of spiders and other more or less dangerous critters at home.

The second solution against spiders is the installation of an infrasound device at home. This device will scare away spiders and other pests, including rodents.

You can also use natural elements such as tobacco leaves that you will have in uncrowded areas of your home. If you do not have tobacco, you can use lemon peel. There is also vinegar and essential oils that scare away spiders and rodents.

Calling on an exterminator Montreal

The invasion of houses by spiders can become a big source of discomfort. If you are a victim of such an infestation, you must use the service of a pest exterminator . This is the best solution.

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