Every year, homes face a rat invasion depending on the current season. These critters are major vectors of disease. Therefore, their presence must be detected as soon as possible in order to eliminate them. One of the methods used to detect the presence of rats in a dwelling is the particular noise that these rodents produce. DELTA Extermination reveals here the peculiarities of the noises that rats make.

Peculiarities of the noises made by rats

When you hear noises coming from the basement, attic or even the roof of your house, you need to worry about it. Indeed, there is a good chance that the ones responsible for these noises are rodents. You’re probably dealing with a rat infestation in your home. Indeed, these animals generate particular noises that characterize their small steps. They also make scratching noises.

Sounds are very important during the nights, because this is when these rodents are most active. This noise nuisance can prevent you from sleeping normally. Precautions must then be taken. Do not hesitate to call DELTA Extermination as soon as you hear a noise characteristic of the presence of rats in the house.

Depending on the origin of the noises, it is possible to recognize the breed of rodent that is responsible for it. Indeed, brown rats are not good at climbing. So, they most often infest the cellars and produce noise. If the noises come from your attic, there is a good chance that they are made by black rats.

However, do not at the slightest sound coming from your cellar or attic conclude that it is produced by rodents. Pigeons can also settle there. You will recognize them by their flapping of wings, cooing and grunts. If there are buzzing in these places of the house, it means that the dwelling is invaded by wasps. The latter must be eliminated as soon as possible. We will be happy to help you exterminate them if you live in Montreal or its outskirts.

Noise pollution from rats: its consequences on human health

As a human being, your health can be affected if you are exposed to the turmoil that rats make. Indeed, these agitations will disturb your sleep. But lack of sleep is the bed of many diseases. One of them is daytime sleepiness aggravated by fatigue. You may feel very irritable. Your entourage will therefore be affected.

When insomnia builds up overnight, you become psychologically vulnerable. You will not be far from having a nervous breakdown. In addition, there will be:

  • difficulty breathing;
  • heart problems;
  • dysfunctions of the circulatory system, etc.


There are drug treatments for these different disorders, but the best solution is to permanently eliminate those responsible for these noise nuisances.

Other signs of rats in a dwelling

Apart from the noise they cause you, rats mark their presence through multiple signs. The most common is the droppings they leave in places in the home. You will find them in every corner of your home. You will recognize these rat droppings by their characteristic dark color. They are also long.

If these droppings are in large numbers in addition to being soft and shiny, then you live in a house seriously overrun with rats. Reluctant to use a professional deratizer like Delta Extermination is to take the risk of aggravating the infestation and the resulting nuisances.

Indeed, it is not only the noises that should worry you. You should also fear the material damage that each rat will be responsible for. This is a rodent with a singular jaw shape that forces it to gnaw something almost constantly. This is how it reduces the size of these continuously growing incisors. So, the rat in the house will not hesitate to gnaw your wooden furniture, electrical cables and piping. Above all, you have to fear its presence in your car. It can enter via the hood and gnaw hoses and cables.

Why call Delta Extermination for a deratization?

Because we wanted you to live serenely in your home and take full advantage of the comfort it brings you. However, the presence of rats and any other pest in a home does not allow to live serenely. As soon as you call
Delta Extermination
, a professional and effective intervention plan is established and implemented immediately. We include respect for the safety of the residents of your home. Your pets will also not be affected by the products we use.