Insects are an integral part of the natural ecosystem. Indeed, they are present everywhere in nature. It is not uncommon to see insects clump together at light sources. There are several reasons for their rush to light sources. The finding is that many are unaware of these reasons. Want to know more about the real reasons for this fact? Discover in this article the reasons why insects are attracted to light.

What are the reasons that explain the attraction of insects by light?

Several reasons explain the attraction of insects by light. As you know, the favorite moment of the latter is at night. Contrary to what some people think, it is difficult for these critters to orient themselves once the sun goes down. To overcome such a situation, they set up a technique. It consists of fixing a celestial body or a star to fly.

Insects set their sights on the moon. Thus, to fly at night, they orient themselves by choosing a very precise angle in relation to the moon. You may not have known it, but this technique was also used for years by sailors. The advent of artificial lighting has completely changed the mode of orientation in insects.

The intensity of the artificial lighting means that when they see it, insects approach it. What was previously called attraction is just confusion. Indeed, insects confuse the light of the bulbs with that of the moon. They therefore rely on the nearest light source. They therefore constantly adjust their flight angle according to the strongest light.

Obsessed with the light they see, insects can no longer fly straight. They therefore make spiral movements around the light source. Unfortunately, the repetition of these movements exhausts them. Thus, they become prey for other predators such as margouillats, toads, etc.

Indeed, even when turned off, LED bulbs still have an influence on insects. Indeed, they continue to emit infrared rays that are only visible to insects. The influence of light on these critters fades only when it has completely cooled. This is the main reason why insects are attracted to light.

There are additional reasons that justify the fact that insects are attracted to light. By getting closer to insect experts, you will be able to learn more about these reasons. For example, specialists claim that the position of the light in height would reassure the effects. As a result, they would not feel unsafe.

How to get rid of insects in case of invasion?

In a dwelling, there may be several sources of light. In case they are all running, you will face an invasion of insects. If this happens, the ideal solution would be to get rid of it. Discover in the lines to come the procedure to follow to do this.

Find places where insects congregate in your home

Finding the places where they clump together in your home is the first step in the insect extermination process. It is true that insects will be found mainly at the level of light sources. However, they will not only be present in this place. It will therefore be necessary to flush them all out in order to be able to get rid of them completely.

It is important to note that this task can be daunting. Indeed, it requires enough time and patience. Therefore, it is advisable to call on a professional to help you do this task.

Identify insects in your home

Identifying the insects present in your dealership is the second step in the extermination process. You may not know it, but the method of getting rid of insects varies from species to species. It is therefore essential that you know these species. Indeed, there is a wide variety of insects that you can find at home.

For a person who does not know anything about insects, it will be difficult to make this identification. If this is also the case for you, don’t worry. Indeed, you have the opportunity to use a company specializing in decontamination Quebec. These specialists are knowledgeable in animal control.

Launch the procedure of extermination of insects

Once you know the type and position of insects in your home, there is not much left. Indeed, you must now move on to the actual extermination. To do this, you can use chemicals. You can also use repellents. In addition to hunting insects, repellents ensure the capture of animals such as birds and mice.

In summary, it should be remembered that there are several reasons why light attracts insects. In case of insect invasion in your home, you need to get rid of them.