Bees are very important in nature, not only for the fact that they produce honey, but also for other reasons, including pollination. Unfortunately, different types of bees are now on the verge of extinction. This is an alarming fact not only for humans, but also for all ecosystems.

To prevent these pollinators from disappearing completely, we all have a responsibility to preserve them. And when it comes to moving them away from homes, we can act without killing them, including through healthy practices. We explain in this article the merits of letting bees live.

Importance of bees in natural environments

Bees produce honey, but that’s not the only reason that makes them so valuable. Before listing the others, let’s take a brief look at how they manage to produce this sweet substance.

First of all, bees suck nectar from flowers, add it to special enzymes, continue to transform this mixture, enclose it in special cells and remove moisture, promoting ventilation. In this way, honey is formed, as it solidifies and when it is ready, the beekeeper can extract it.

Bees are more than just insects

This is certainly a reason why we understand how important bees are, because as mentioned, these insects are also pollinators. And it is thanks to them that the reproduction of different wild plants and the birth of different cultures takes place. Without their pollination activity, agriculture would continue with very high costs, which not everyone could bear.

In addition, another reason that makes these insects fundamental not only for humans, but also for the environment, is the fact that their presence and work are able to regulate different ecosystems. If they disappeared completely, a natural chain would break, a chain that would be very difficult, if not impossible, to recreate. In addition to this, it should also be remembered that bees also produce royal jelly, wax, propolis and all these elements are used by humans.

How to remove a honeycomb without killing them?

When a bee approaches or when one of these insects enters the house, the first thing many people think of is to kill them. In reality, there are natural remedies such as caulking doors and windows to chase them away or prevent them from approaching certain environments. This defense is very suitable for complete decontamination.

In addition, it is not even necessary to crush these insects, since they will be harmful to humans only if they are disturbed. Bees are interested in flowers, plants, they smell the scents and therefore they could enter the house through a foundation crack or stay on a balcony, if there is a lot of green, perhaps attracted by the floral colors.

Very simple remedies to keep bees away without killing them

Among the remedies present in nature, the most commonly used to eliminate them are burnt coffee and also garlic, especially if it is powdered and if it is mixed inside a container of water and then sprayed with a vaporizer in the environment you want to sanitize. Many people also use cucumbers, or rather their peels. The latter, in fact, if they are placed in an empty container and left on balconies or on the terrace, can help prevent the appearance of bees.

Another solution consists of a few essential oils, such as eucalyptus, lemongrass and lavender. It is also necessary to highlight the problem of insect nests: when they are close to domestic environments, if they do not constitute a danger and if there are no children or allergic people, the ideal would be to let nature take its course: the bees will remain in the nest during the spring and summer period, but then they will abandon their “home” and you can then remove the rest, now dry.

Refer to the experts for good pest prevention

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