Mouse infestations are common in homes and on vacant land in Montreal. Quite often, in such a situation people seek to get rid of these rodents on their own. However, it would be better to use the service of a professional mouse exterminator. This is why an exterminator expert should be called in such circumstances.

The professional uses specific and highly effective products

For each pest, there is a particular product to permanently exterminate it. Being trained in his profession as an exterminator, the professional knows which product is suitable to better eradicate entire colonies of mice in the house. He also knows the frequency of use of these products. This is the case of Delta Extermination specialists who know how to apply the products to overcome a mouse infestation in Montreal.

In addition, the professional does not use these specific products just to eradicate mice. He also uses it to prevent invasions of houses by rodents. Our company uses products that preserve the environment and the lives of the residents of your home. Remember that only certified exterminators can access certain specific rat poisons. And with us, all our technicians hold a certificate in this area.

The certified exterminator uses professional techniques

Effective rodent disposal requires the use of special safety techniques. These are precise techniques that only connoisseurs have the secret. Moreover, these methods are refined over time thanks to experience in the field.

At Delta Extermination, we use classic techniques including the use of insecticides. In addition, our technicians employ innovative and effective strategies including:

  • heat treatment;
  • smoke tests;
  • electrical destroyers;

Thus, like any professional exterminator, we are equipped with powerful tools suitable for each type of parasite including the mouse and the mule.

The pest extermination professional asserts strict work protocols

An exterminator worthy of the name is necessarily an experienced person. Because of this, he knows precisely how to proceed to permanently eradicate all kinds of parasites. He begins his intervention with a deep inspection of the invaded house. The objective is to assess the severity of the infestation. It is also a way to find out if it is an invasion by mice or mules. The inspection stage also uncovers the source of the infestation. In clearer terms, it is a matter of finding the entry points of these rodents.

By deploying a strict work protocol, the professional exterminator effectively manages the house infestation by mice. Eradication is fast and effective. This ensures that the results are long-lasting. In other words, after the intervention of an expert exterminator, you will no longer see rodents or other parasites in your home, and this, for several months. The fact is that after eradicating the mice in the house, Delta Extermination technicians properly seal all the entrances of these invaders. That is to say that we repair the holes and many other things. Thus, these intruders will hardly enter your home.

The certified exterminator is a good advisor

The first bulwark against mice and other pests is you. You should adopt certain behaviors that prevent, as much as possible, the entry of these animals into your home. For this, the extermination staff will give you advice after eradicating the mice from your home. These are prevention recommendations that are effective for the long term. By putting them into practice, your home is less likely to be invaded by pests and insects again.

Finally, the professional will report all the problems detected in your home. These include leaking pipes, French drains that are clogged, electrical wires laid bare or cut. All these problems are detected by the expert during the inspection of the house.

Which exterminator is called and when should it be done in Montreal?

If you live in Montreal, you have no choice but to call the extermination company closest to you. This company must be reliable and have several years of experience. In this regard, Delta Extermination is the extermination company for you. We operate throughout Greater Montreal.

As for when to call us, know that for your own safety, the call of a professional should be made immediately after noticing the first signs of the presence of parasites in your home. Sometimes you will be tempted to solve the problem on your own. When you are unable to do so, call our team immediately.