Real harmful invaders, rats as well as mice can be found anywhere in a home. Sometimes you can take several precautions, but without being able to prevent these rodents from entering your home. So, you wonder if rats can enter your home by making holes in the walls. An expert from DELTA Extermination answers you here.

Holes in walls: can rats be responsible?

Rats can make holes in your walls. The existence of holes in places in your walls is often proof that there is a rat in the house. These pests are able to gnaw the wall to make a hole in it.

So that this does not happen to you, you need to build walls made of concrete, reinforced metal or glass. These are materials that resist the attack of rodents such as rats and mice. On the other hand, if your walls are made of plaster or plaster or if it is simply double partition, rats will frequently make holes.

How do rats get into walls?

There are several ways in which rats get into walls.

Through pipes and vents

A home infestation by rats can start with air ducts and pipes. The fact is that these rodents are excellent climbers. It is enough that a ventilation or water drainage channel is opened for them to enter it. From there, they progress to find themselves in the walls. Any gap is an invitation to rats to enter the walls and find themselves in your home.

Through the attic

The attic is a way for rats to end up in the walls. Indeed, these rodents use their climbing skills to climb the walls from the outer sides and access the attic. The latter are not fully isolated, they are easier to penetrate by rats or mice.

By gnawing materials

The name rodents are given to rats due to the fact that they gnaw almost everything. And if the materials used to erect your barriers are easy to gnaw by them, you will see them in your walls. Remember that mice and rats gnaw not only to eat, but especially to reduce the length of their incisors that grow constantly.


Rats in the walls: how to get rid of them?

Are you sure your walls are occupied by rats? You can get rid of it in several ways.

Placing rat swatters near wall holes

The rat is an animal very faithful to its habits. He most often uses the same paths he created for himself. And if he has dug holes in your walls, be sure that he will use them to go from one point to another. Exploit this habit he has to capture him. To do this, place rat swatters near these holes. Do not forget to put bait on these traps. In order to prevent the rat from guessing your intentions, do not place the swatter too close to the hole.

Arrange traps in the attic

Since these rodents can pass through the attic and even settle there, you can have traps there. These should ideally be rat swatters. For more effectiveness, these traps must contain baits and be laid out on the paths of these rodents.

Use professional deratizers

Often, the size of the infestation is such that you will not be able to eliminate all the rats. In this case, the use of the services of a professional deratizer is necessary. For those who live in Montreal or its surroundings, Delta Extermination offers its know-how in the elimination of pests such as rats and mice.

We intervene both in homes and in workplaces. Better, on several occasions, we have intervened in institutions to put an end to infestations by mice.