Foundations that have defects in their structure can be an item of unnecessary expenses, due to the many damages that can be caused. However, water infiltration, mold and the abnormally high humidity level that will result from the presence of cracks in your concrete floor for example are not the only possible disappointments. An infestation of insects, including spiders of all kinds, can also be among the relative consequences. If you are faced with such a situation in Montreal, it is best to call on experts as soon as possible, so that judicious measures are implemented properly.

Health and material risk related to defects in the foundation

The air quality can deteriorate quickly due to mold characteristic of too high a degree of humidity that can appear. Regular checks of the humidity level will therefore be essential to prevent the formation of mold. Moisture and water infiltration lead to unnecessary energy expenditure on heating, but it doesn’t stop there. The most diverse wood, carpets, materials and flooring will be easily damaged by sneaky infiltrations that are not detected in time. At the sanitary level, it is also necessary to mention radon gas, a radioactive and odorless gas that can spread in your home through cracks in the ground, depending on your region.

The question of insects: the case of spiders

If these insects are easily found in the cleanest homes, problems with moisture, cracks and gaps of all kinds in the foundation or on the walls of your home are an aggravating factor. Species of spiders that feel comfortable sheltering from a house can most often remain very active there, during all seasons of the year.

Spiders are predators for all kinds of insects that they find in the garden, outdoors, in bodies of water, etc. In your home, moisture created by cracks or defects in the very structure of the home can turn it into a well-stocked pantry, for the happiness of arachnids.

Should we tolerate spiders at home

Their useful dimension is established. Spiders help reduce populations of all kinds of insects that can harm agriculture, such as caterpillars or bedbugs. When they take up residence in our interiors, they play a similar role in eliminating other insects such as ants. However, this utility is relative, since these insects proliferate easily in good conditions, and the unsightly cobwebs that signal their presence are not necessarily better than the insects they will rid your floors and floors.

Getting rid of spiders

Regular cleaning on a daily basis can be enough to dislodge spiders. The latter would be forced to leave the nooks and crannies of your house if they no longer capture their prey. Homemade pesticides or insecticides are a solution, provided you choose safe products and can use them properly. For a large infestation or if you do not find solutions, it is still better to call on disinsection experts for proven solutions. A specialist in pest management will also give you sound advice, while helping you avoid new infestations with adequate caulking of your home for example.

How to keep spiders away

Uncleanliness, cracks and moisture are conditions that promote spider infestations. A clean and crack-free house will attract those pests less. Spiders swarm only in places where they are likely to enjoy a substantial menu. If all kinds of pests are not found on your floors, floors and walls, the chances of spiders finding these comfortable places are proportionally slim.

It will also be necessary to take care to solve the moisture problems (in the basement and in the foundations) which contribute to creating ideal conditions for insects of all kinds, and in particular for spiders. By regularly sweeping the floor, and vacuuming as much as possible, you reduce the chances of seeing your interior infested with spiders. Doors and other closing equipment must offer a perfect seal, so that insects do not enter your home.

The surroundings of the house should also be cleared as much as possible so as not to constitute shelters favorable to insects, woodlice and earwigs. The latter would inevitably attract the spiders that hunt them.

If you want to perform a most professional insulation, call a caulking professional,he will know how to detect insulation problems and plug them, this pheasant, you will no longer have to deal with these critters