At some point, it can happen that your home is invaded by pests. These can beinsects,rodents such as mice or other undesirables such as birds. When this is the case, it is necessary to act as soon as possible by calling on extermination professionals. What questions should you ask an exterminator?

1 – Does your company hold a certificate?

The exterminator’s qualifications are the first thing you need to check about him. A serious exterminator must have a pest management contractor’s licence. It is an essential to carry out one’s work in the rules.

It should be noted that as part of its work, aninsect extermination company must comply with certain standards in force. You must therefore ensure that the exterminator you have used holds his license. Do not hesitate to ask him to show you the document in question as well as a certificate.

In order to be sure that the documents presented to you are not fake, you can call the Pesticide Regulatory Office. You will then have a confirmation of their qualification. Also, in addition to being certified, the professional must be able to inform you about the safety techniques related to his work.

2 – How will you proceed to resolve the infestation?

The next question will be to seek to know the working method of the exterminator. When you contact a decontamination company in Quebec, it must give you details of its working methods. The means she will use to get rid of pests should be mentioned.

You must ask the exterminator how he will proceed for the Capture animals. He will then inform you about the traps he will use in order to capture the undesirables. Likewise, you must be informed about the products that will be used by the professional. You should be aware of the possible dangers of their use. In the event that certain means of extermination do not suit you, the professional must be able to offer you other alternatives.

3- Do you offer a guarantee?

Another point that will have to be checked with the exterminator is the fact that he offers a guarantee on his services. A qualified exterminator must provide you with a guarantee for the work he has done. However, the type of guarantee may vary from one extermination company to another. In all cases, the guarantee offered must allow coverage in the event of non-effectiveness of a first treatment.

Some undesirables are more persistent than others, it can happen that following the intervention of the professional, the pests invade your home again. This may for example be due to the presence of undetected eggs at the first pass when it comes to bedbugs. In this case, a guarantee must be provided for additional treatment.

In addition, the exterminator must give you instructions to prevent your habitat from being stormed again by pests. So remember to make sure that it provides a guarantee before any commitment.

4 – Do you have experience in the field?

When contacting an exterminator, ask them about their experience in the field. The experience of an extermination company can reassure you about the quality of its services.

Do some research on the Net

If the services provided by the professional are really effective, you will not have a hard time realizing it. A qualified company is always talked about. You can therefore in addition to the answers provided by the company, make your own investigations on its account. To do this, search the Internet.

Interview past customers

To go further, ask the animal control company to put you in touch with their former customers. This will be a more effective way to ensure its good reputation. You will then be able to ask former customers all the questions you want about the company and get an idea of its skills.

Note, however, that an extermination company might not have much experience in the field because it is in its infancy. However, she is no less qualified.

5- Should I leave my home for the work?

Depending on the type of infestation you are experiencing and its extent, you may have to leave your home. You must therefore seek to know this information from the exterminator. Based on an analysis of the location and damage, it will tell you if the treatment can take place without you moving.

In addition, for an effective removal of pests from your habitat, it is sometimes necessary that you evacuate the premises. This optimizes the chances of success of the operation, but also protects you from possible incidents. Some products could have adverse effects for you. In these cases, the exterminator must notify you in advance to allow you to make your arrangements.