Mice and mules are endowed with a real capacity for nuisance due to their diet. It is because of what they feed on that they always invade homes. That is to say then that when we know the foods that attract them, it is possible to prevent an invasion of houses by these rodents. So what foods attract these rodents?

Diet of mice and mules

Just like humans, most rodents whose mice and mules are omnivores. That is to say that they feed on everything. They are endowed with a sense of smell that allows them to spot food several meters away. These are pests that can consume about 20 grams of edible food. However, there are foods that are their favorite. The presence of these foods in one place is an invitation for them to invade that place.

Some foods appreciated by mice and mules

The rodent feeds on the same food as you. However, there are foods that he appreciates the most because of the smells that emanate from them.


Mice and mules feed on plants that most of the time constitute their living environment. The teeth (especially their incisors) are endowed with a high and continuous growth capacity. In other words, these incisors never stop growing. This causes the rodent to constantly nibble on everything it can find. And in its natural environment, the main element available is plants. The mouse and the mule eat:

  • herbs;
  • small twigs;
  • pieces of bark…

Of all foods, plant seeds are particularly appreciated by mice and mules.


Whether grains or seeds, these are foods that mice and mules find in abundance in nature. Therefore, if you have some at home, then be aware that your home is exposed to a rodent infestation . In agricultural regions, fodder as well as grain waiting to be harvested in the fields attract these pests.

In the city, it is the flower beds that are the food sources where these rodents can find grains to eat. It is because of this that you need to prevent seeds from being exposed in your garden. If you have birds at home and in the garden, find tips to prevent rodents from accessing the seeds present in their feeders. Do you have grass seeds at home? Protect them tightly.

Fruits and berries

Do you have fruits and berries at home? If so, then you may have mice in the house. The reason is that these foods are highly valued by rodents. Moreover, they find them in abundance in nature and they constitute a large part of what they consume. So if you have raspberries, blackberries, apples, and other very sweet fruits at home, then these critters will not hesitate to invade you.

It is possible that in your garden you have trees that bear ripe fruit in a state of rotting. Due to their fermentation, these fruits produce strong odors that attract rodents. So, inspect your garden from time to time to remove the fruits and berries that are there. In case of infestation, you must resort to rat control professionals. In this regard,
Delta Extermination
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Between the mullet and the nuts, it’s an almost love story. Except that here, it is this rodent that loves these foods. If you have nuts and peanuts stored in your home, rats, mice and mules will soon settle there. Whatever the nut, rodents will smell it thanks to their highly developed sense of smell. They will want to feed on it because these foods are important sources of energy.


As omnivores, mammals also eat meat. It is not really their favorite food in the same way as nuts and fruits. Mice and mules like meat occasionally. Rats on the other hand love it. However, like other rodents, they are not particularly looking for edible flesh.

If you have red meat or even decaying fish or not in your home, these species will invite themselves into your home. Because of this, you should avoid leaving unprotected deli meats at home. Empty your garbage cans and dumpsters regularly.

Rodent infestation: using Delta Extermination

Often, despite the precautions we take to prevent rodents from invading our homes, it ends up happening. In these cases, it is essential to carry out an eradication of these pests. This operation is the responsibility of the professionals that we are.

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