One of the most harmful groups of animals to humanity is that of rodents. If they always invite themselves into the places of habitation of humans, it is mainly because of their diet. To combat these rodents, many methods are used. One of them is to prevent these animals from accessing their food. To do this, it is necessary to know the diet of these animals.

Foods that attract rodents

When we talk about harmful rodents in homes, we are often talking about rats and mice. Their incisors are constantly growing. This forces them to gnaw all kinds of objects, including edible and inedible foods (furniture, electrical cables, etc.).

The amount of food that a mouse or rat can eat in a day is up to 20 grams.

These rodents are omnivores. That is to say that they eat everything that humans consume. So you understand that these are not animals with a special diet. They eat both meat and cereals. All these foods are still present in an inhabited house.

Worse, it is very easy for rats and mice to detect the presence of food in a place. The reason is that they have a highly developed sense of smell. They are able to locate food very quickly.

Some foods that rodents like

As previously said rodents are omnivores. However, it is advisable to give yourself some foods that they covet the most.


All rodents without exception feed on plants. Of course, there are some rodents that prefer certain plants to others. As for the rat and mouse, they eat any plant they find.

Rats and mice nibble on both good weeds and weeds. They also gnaw twigs and large bark. The presence of grasses can therefore attract these rodents. That’s why the Montreal exterminator will remove the herbs in your dealership.

Grains and seeds

Regardless of where the seeds and grains are located, rats and mice are able to access them. The fact is that they love these foods.

This is the reason why, these rodents can be found in fields where there is corn, wheat, etc.

Rodents can also be attracted to homes in Beloeil and elsewhere where there are flower beds. The fact is that they feel the presence of seeds in it. It is necessary to protect all the grasses present in your home. Otherwise, you will witness a rodent infestation and it will be necessary to carry out a Beloeil extermination.

Fruits, berries and nuts

In the category of foods most appreciated by rodents are nuts, berries and fruits. The rodent always has the opportunity to find these foods in nature.

If you have fruit trees that produce berries, be sure to discover the presence of rodents in your home. This is because this food is usually left on trees and rots there. This gives off a scent that attracts rodents.

If you often throw fruits and berries in your garbage cans, rodents will invade your home and the exterminator will have to intervene.

As for nuts, they are particularly appreciated by rodents. For these animals, they are sources of energy. The presence of nuts in one place is an invitation to rodents. Exterminator Chambly will do a complete inspection of the flora present in your home. The goal is to remove all the fruits, berries and nuts that are there.

Pet food

Do you have a cat or dog in Boucherville or elsewhere? If so, you certainly have a stock of food to feed these intruders. The rat, mule and mouse will be delighted to enjoy these foods.

So, you need to think about properly storing food for your pets. Do the same for grain and hay. Otherwise you will face an invasion of rodents and it will be necessary to carry out an extermination Boucherville.

Rodent infestation: call on the professionals at Delta Extermination

In Quebec there are a multitude of harmful rodent species. Some are more devastating than others. This is the reason why, we must never delay in calling on a Laval exterminator. This call is made when you notice the presence of a rodent in your home.

In addition to gnawing at everything they find in a house, rodents will spread disease germs everywhere. Among these germs there are mycoplasmas responsible for pneumonia and other pathologies.

The Longueuil extermination is an operation that permanently eliminates these pests in a house in Longueuil.

In the end, call on our company Delta Extermination to finish with these critters. We are at your disposal.