Control and capture of starlings

It is sometimes pleasant to see birds landing in your garden or on your roof. However, we quickly realize how much damage some of them can cause enough damage. This is the case of starlings. Indeed, starlings are particularly difficult birds to control. When they decide to move in with you, they damage everything in their path. However, if it is difficult to capture starlings, there are still legal ways to discourage these birds. How to get rid of starlings? In this article we will take stock of some techniques to successfully control and capture starlings in your home.

How do starlings be recognized?

Not sure who you’re dealing with? Still, the starling is quite easy to recognize. This poultry is distinguished from others by its dark plumage which is often glossy black. Its feathers highlight green and red-purplish reflections. Very often this bird is spotted with white on the back and lower abdomen. Its wings are pointed and triangular.

On the other hand, its tail is short and square. Of a yellow color in the breeding season, its thin and pointed beak is of a rather remarkable black. Its long thin legs are pinkish brown. Very familiar with large cities, the starling is attracted by the right temperature and especially the light. This omnivorous bird lives in very large groups. A flock of several thousand starlings can never go unnoticed!

Why get rid of starlings?

The presence of starlings in your immediate environment presents certain risks. Their many droppings damage everything in their path. In short, these birds cause enough discomfort. To do this, adequate ways must be found to discourage them. This, for several reasons.

Starlings, real pests

Starlings are opportunistic birds that move in large groups. Their number is undoubtedly a problem. Indeed, even if raptors such as buzzards and falcons are the main predators, this remains without influence on their number. For good reason, reproduction in starlings is so fast that birds of prey are unable to reduce their population.

As a result, when they arrive in one place, these birds can loot an entire farm or market garden in no time. On a lawn in spring, they devour all insects and larvae that participate in the biological balance of the soil. They are real pests that leave enough damage after their passage.

Starling droppings, a real source of problems

Damage caused by starling droppings is one of the main reasons for using a starling control and capture service. If you live in Montreal and its suburbs, you certainly know how difficult these droppings can be to manage. Indeed starling droppings are extremely messy and give off a bad smell.

When produced in large quantities on the roof or other surfaces, these droppings can cause their deterioration. For good reason, they are highly acidic and corrosive. Thus, their accumulation on the roof can damage asphalt or ironwork roofing materials. The heating, ventilation and air conditioning systems installed on the roof are sure to pay the price.

Also, starling droppings stimulate the proliferation of algae and mosses on the roof by providing them with nutrients. In short, exposing the roof to starling droppings reduces its lifespan.

Starlings, vectors of diseases

Starlings are among the many species of birds that carry diseases that are transmissible to humans. Indeed, starling droppings contain many pathogens. These can cause serious health problems for humans and pets. Among the most common, we can identify:

  • Salmonella;
  • Chlamydia;
  • Toxoplasmosis;
  • Histoplasmosis.

To these are added the fairly common fungal infections. Also, remember that these infections put all edible goods at risk. Equally Starling droppings can contaminate chemicals, liquids and other types of goods.

How to get rid of starlings?

If you’ve read this article so far, you’ll definitely have figured out how annoying starlings can be. Faced with their proliferation in large cities, particularly in Montreal, it is necessary to act as quickly as possible to reduce the damage.

Using capture and relocation services

There are professionals who specialize in the fight against the proliferation of starlings. These, by means of legal techniques, will repel these birds from your backyard or lawn. If you’re looking for a specialized team that can effectively lead your fight against starlings, consider Delta Extermination. This team of professionals employs an environmentally friendly physical struggle that prevents these birds from continuing their discomfort.

Concerned about your peace of mind, the technicians will put at your disposal a tailor-made solution. In addition, they will make sure to eradicate the nests to prevent the return of starlings the following spring.

Other tips for fighting starlings

The fight against starlings can also be carried out through prevention. To prevent these birds from storming your lawn or roof, it is possible to implement some protective measures.

  • Remove feeders for other birds:The remains of food from other birds are a source of attraction for starlings.
  • Do not leave any food outside.

  • Repair holes and breaches on the roof:If a cavity has formed on your roof or in a certain place in your home, it would be tempting for a starling to nest there. In addition, these hollows can be small ponds of water. These water points very often attract birds such as starlings who come to drink and bathe.
  • Install metal mesh for openings that cannot be plugged