Extermination carpenter ants

Are you facing an invasion of carpenter ants? Don’t know what to do to fix this problem? Don’t panic! Delta Extermination puts at your disposal professionals in the field who know exactly what to do to get rid of these parasites. In this article, you will learn more about these insects and the solutions we offer to eliminate them permanently.

A close-up of the invader

If you want to better fight an enemy, you must first take the time to study it. Carpenter ants are parasitic insects of small size, measuring between 6 and 25 millimeters in length. The truth is that most people don’t know the difference between termite, worker ant and carpenter ant. In reality, the latter is dark and has wings like the other two, but its body is thinner and its antennae more arched.

You may have seen it wandering around your home, but that doesn’t necessarily mean it’s an invasion. Indeed, after their mating in mid-flight, the male dies and the female goes in search of a place to lay her eggs. His favorite places are: a log, a dead trunk on the ground, the hollow of trees, a stump, etc.

In about 60 days, the first eggs will hatch and give birth to the sterile workers who play a vital role in the survival of the colony. They are responsible for finding food for the queen and larvae, and build large galleries where the growing colony will be housed. After three years, the carpenter ant population will consist of 2000 to 3000 working ants, a few queens and 200 to 400 winged males and females ensuring reproduction.

From this moment on, other colonies will form, from the mother and erecting their nests not far from her. Thus, the closer your home is to a main nest, the higher the risk that you will host a satellite. In this case, it will be necessary to call on an exterminator to put an end to this early invasion as soon as possible.

How to recognize an invasion of carpenter ants?

As we pointed out earlier, one or two ants walking around your home doesn’t necessarily mean an invasion. It may simply be working ants in search of food to supply a colony in a tree hollow not far from your home. However, take the time to inspect the attic, basement and exterior of the house, especially at nightfall when you will observe a little more activity.

If it happens that you come across wood debris or parts of dead insects in your home, it may be that you are hosting a nest. To find it, you just have to follow the path of the ants that will take you there.

Why exterminate carpenter ants?

The damage caused by an invasion of carpenter ants is disproportionate to their size. It is true that these insects are tiny. Nevertheless, they are very fierce. They are the main enemy of everything made of wood in your home, be it pillars, wooden ledges, support beams, joists, etc. Everything goes there!

So you understand that after their passage, your house could collapse at any time since these critters preferentially attack what makes it the structure.

When is the intervention of an exterminator necessary?

Surely you have already tried to solve the problem on your own, but without a solution? You should know that an invasion of carpenter ants is not as easy to contain as that of raccoons or bats. It is true that pesticide-based treatment is more than enough to settle the case in the latter cases. However, this type of solution remains ineffective against an infestation of carpenter ants.

To overcome an invasion composed of these critters, it is absolutely necessary to identify and eliminate all nests, especially the main one. Otherwise, they will come back to take up residence with you again. This requires the intervention of professionals in the field such as Delta Extermination.

Delta Extermination: the solution for a definitive elimination of carpenter ants

We are an animal capture and relocation service based in Montreal and specialized in the extermination ofcarpenter ants.

What do we offer as a service?

We make a complete and meticulous inspection of the interior and exterior of your home. If we find nests, we exterminate them, and we also carry out preventive treatment outside the house so that the ants do not come back.

Moreover, when our exterminators inspect your home, they will show you the potential entrance doors of carpenter ants. They will also take care of blocking these access routes (cracks in the foundation, opening at the roof, etc.) to prevent the intrusion of these rodent insects into your home. They will also not fail to give you wise advice on the means of prevention to adopt to no longer have to deal with another invasion.

Some tips from our experts

Are you currently facing an invasion of carpenter ants? These few tips will surely help you while waiting for our intervention. First of all, get rid of all sources of moisture in the house, not forgetting to strengthen or repair any wooden structures that the water has damaged.

Also pay attention to the woods stored in the garage or next to your home. Raise them, as these are potential places where ants erect their nests. Finally, cut down dead trees in or near your yard and cut down tree branches overlooking your roof.

In short, this is the essential thing to know about carpenter ants and the means to be used to overcome them. Do not hesitate to contact us if you are invaded by these critters. With Delta Extermination, it is: “no neighborhood with an infestation of carpenter ants”.