Extermination of pharaoh ants

To avoid pest invasions, it is necessary to be diligent in the maintenance of your apartment or premises. However, pharaoh ants are an exception to this rule. It is not uncommon to find them in clean or regularly maintained places. But what makes them formidable is the difficulty that characterizes their eradication. Households often find themselves very quickly short of tricks or in a situation of impotence.

Because of this, Delta Extermination, a group of expert exterminators has offered to come to your aid. Throughout the region of Montreal,they deliver their Service capture and relocation of animals to recreate a more hospitable and comfortable atmosphere. Find out more about pharaoh ants and extermination services here.

Pharaoh ants: why this name?

The term “pharaoh” takes us back to the time of ancient Egypt. Is it possible that pharaoh ants lived on these majestic lands? Is this a place of provenance?

The investigations carried out on this subject are formal: the pharaoh ants do not come from Egypt. Some lean towards West Africa while others opt for Asia. The still, the name does not coincide with the origin of the species. So, why this name?

In reality, pharaoh ants correspond to the description of insects that were found on royal remains during excavations in thenineteenth century. From then on, the name “pharaoh ants” was attributed to them.

Why do pharaoh ants invade you?

Pharaoh ants are fond of heat, sugar, fat and protein foods. As a result, they prefer warm spaces to freezing cold from the outside. Of course, the hospitality of a pantry or food left unprotected is also welcome. Thus, they are more often found in enclosed and habitable spaces (houses, shops, business premises, hospitals, etc.). To satisfy his own heating needs, the human being has therefore created the ideal atmosphere for an invasion of pharaoh ants.

Is it therefore impossible to get rid of it permanently? Certainly not, but provided you resort to an expert or have enough experience to carry out theextermination ants pharaohs self.

Are pharaoh ants a danger?

Like most small invasive ants, pharaoh ants are not solitary species. Thus, the presence of a pharaoh ant is a sign of that of one or more colonies. However, some claim that pharaoh ants are harmless. Is this really the case?

It is true that insect damage is less obvious than that caused by rodents. However, they are no less important. Pharaoh ants do not bite and do not cause itching. Nevertheless, they can make you fall into total discomfort.

The presence of pharaoh ants is not reassuring or benign, not to mention that in some people the mere sight of these specimens causes feelings of horror and discomfort. In addition, pharaoh ants invade food in large masses, which sometimes makes it unusable or unconsumable. Apart from places that are hostile to them, pharaoh ants infiltrate everywhere indiscriminately thanks to their tiny size. They are found in wardrobes, outfits, dishes, and even in beds. these situations strain your serenity and nerves.

Extermination of pharaoh ants: how do we proceed?

When ant colonies feel threatened, they can dislodge one nest and form another. Also, they subdivide as the queens enter the fertilization phase. This results in a multiplication of colonies in your apartment. You will have understood it: it is not an insecticide that you will need, but an expert with a good working method.

Location by inspection

Our professionals are trained to detect traces and spot the locations of pharaoh ant nests. Ants always take shelter in slots of walls, ceilings and many others. Our exterminator expert will work to track the Indian queues or their tracks in order to go up to the nest and the places of supply. This is a necessary observation phase to track down pests.

Then, the expert does a careful inspection to identify other nests or to estimate the extent of the invaders. Once the location is done, a price quote will be presented to you to justify the expenses you will have to make.

The destruction of anthills

Extermination, for it to be effective, must be done in such a way as to bait and eliminate all ants at once, at the risk of performing an unfinished service. The methods used by the exterminator are multiple and adapt to specific situations.

He can, with the help of a vacuum cleaner, suck up all the ants and then get rid of the bag. But, in case the nest is inaccessible, it could use pesticides based on legal products or bait ants with death traps. Another method is to pour bubbling water into the nest. The professional can then give you advice to prevent a future invasion. These include food preservation, garbage management and cleaning.