Extermination common ants

Theinvasion of ants is a common phenomenon that is noticed in almost every home in the world. Ants are also found in gardens, under cobblestones, under floors, in the most unlikely places possible. If you are currently looking for a way to get rid of these invaders a little too bulky and stingy, you are in the right place.

At Delta Extermination, our Service capture and relocation of animals,we have specialized in the extermination of insects, ants, among others. That’s why we will not hesitate to accompany you, especially if you live in Montreal. Our experts will come to your home with the right equipment to accurately identify the type of ants and help you get rid of them.

What are the different types of ants

Studies have revealed that ants are a rich species of 12,000 subspecies. We have no intention of showing you our scientific knowledge of ants. Far from it! However, remember that in Canada; there are mainly four different groups of ants.

Carpenter ants

Carpenter ants mostly love rotten and, moreover, wet wood. In the hollows of these woods, they build tunnels as well as their gallery systems. To exterminate this type of ants with the proper treatment, only an expert from our company will be able to help you in our region.

Common ants

More and more people are complaining about the invasion of common ants. Indeed, still called sand ants Yes garden ants,they are found, in this case, in the sands and under the flower pots from vegetable gardens.

When they invade a garden, they are very often attributed the damage caused to vegetables, tubers and flowers. They form a strong community that can reach a population of thousands of individuals. In the event that ants are limited to a few cucumbers or salads, it will not be a question of them eradicate definitively,but rather limit their proliferation. However, when common ants become voracious to the point of making inroads into the rooms of your home, our experts who have the experience will get rid of them. After our visit, you will not hear about it anymore.

Pharaoh ants

The Pharaoh ants love treats, fried foods and sweet food. That’s why they can be found in restaurants, kitchens and bakeries. They are distinguished from other ants by very transparent skin and small size. It is a species of ant that can proliferate at an unsustainable rate. The contribution of our experts will, nevertheless, be of great help to get rid of pharaoh ants.

Pavement ants

The paving stone ants proliferate, in particular, in the spring. Their colonies gather under cobblestones and cement slabs. When they dig a tunnel somewhere, you can see this through the dune which marks the entrance tothe tunnel. When there are many of them in one place and you put your feet inattention. You can recognize this species of ants by its dark black or brown colors, for the uncommon. As soon as you discover a population of paving ants in your home, call on our skills as soon as possible.

Do I really need an exterminator for ants in my home?

Ants, in a house, are only the consequence of innocuous negligence. Indeed, these are the crumbs de sweet treats,sweet foods and foods of all kinds fallen on the ground that attract ants. So, you need to be much more careful when handling food and when eating. However, if the colony has already settled, you must call us as soon as possible.

If the intervention is not done as soon as possible, the subspecies of ants called pharaoh ants, for example, could make you sick. The latter are reputed to be one of the subspecies of ants with a high nuisance capacity. In fact, research has uncovered that they carry germs such as streptococcus, salmonella, and staphylococcus. They can pass them on to your infants who don’t often pay attention to insects. Adults are not also spared since pharaoh ants hang around the house.

When carpenter ants invade your home, they tend to take possession of the premises and dig galleries. They will hide behind the damp woods and rotten often found behind the kitchen and bathroom facilities.

Other problems caused by ants

It is important that you understand the scope of the nuisance capacity of common ants and cobblestone ants. Other species of ants are no less dangerous.

Common ants or sand ants are able to destroy your entire vegetable harvest in record time. Indeed, the increase in its population leads to a systematic increase in the population of the aphids that ants drag from plant to plant. These aphids destroy your garden for the happiness of ants that extract honeydew from them. So, it will be necessary to call us as soon as the first signs of destruction of your vegetable garden or in the structure of your home (bricks and mortars, etc.) Do the same when you notice that paving ants resent the structure of your building.

Understand that only a mass extermination of ants proportional to the destruction capacity of ants can allow you to limit the damage.

Tips and tricks to prevent an ant infestation

There are some tips and suggestions to prevent the invasion of ants, regardless of their species.

Our very first advice, for you, will be to do not leave food lying on the ground or on the dining table. You should also take care to cleanlinessof dishes, kitchen, floors, work table, etc. Finally, you need to identify the places through which ants enter your home. Exterminate as many as possible with a vacuum cleaner.

You can, in addition, make use ofinsecticides in aerosol, liquid or powder. However, care must be taken to keep them out of the reach of children.

How do we eliminate ants?

If, despite these tips, you have trouble getting rid of these ants, entrust the cleaning to the professionals of our company who master the appropriate treatment for each species of ant. How do they do it?

Our technicians will inspect your home or business premises to accurately determine the subspecies of ants that are invading your home. They will use, for example, Girl Scout ants in order to divert them. Then, they will make use of products adapted and compliant with the recommendations of Health Canada pour exterminate the population of ants.

Our service offerings are the lowest in the city and our five-year warranty. To solve your ant problem, contact our company now.