Wasp extermination

The wasp is a Hymenoptera insect, the female of which carries a stinger that is venomous and is distinguished from the bee by its yellow abdomen striped with black. As soon as spring comes, it appears around the houses to watch over the first larvae that have hatched. If you want to exterminate them from home, discover with Delta Extermination the solutions to achieve it.

What brings wasps to your home and how to exterminate them?

If you have flowers in your home, it is obvious that you will frequently encounter these intruders. Indeed, they feed on midges that venture on these plants and thus, participate in pollination. They also consume insects that are smaller than them. Besides flowers, certain smells like perfume can attract wasps to your home. So, do not abuse it, no matter what your taste in scents.

However, if it happens that you discover a bee-eater in your house, keep calm and make slow movements so as not to excite the critters that are there. Indeed, when they feel that they are in danger, they emit a chemical signal to warn other workers who will soon come to their aid. As soon as these have presented themselves, it will be almost impossible for you to avoid their bite.

Do not forget to make sure that no children are present in the area. Also, for your safety and that of those around you, do not try to destroy the bee-eater yourself. Instead, you can contact us to benefit from our animal capture and relocation service to get rid of it with a lot of care and less risk. We are located in the area of Montreal and make your satisfaction our priority.

Our wasp extermination professionals to help you

When you are invaded by these insects, our experts will come to your home fully equipped. They will inspect the surroundings of your home to ensure the presence of a wasp colony, in case you have not already seen it. If necessary, they will proceed to its destruction.

Because these critters are less active at the end of the day, this is the right time to eliminate their nest to minimize the risk of bites. Thus, when our experts judge that the bee-eater can not be serenely removed, they will spread an insecticide to kill the insects that are there. After killing them, our specialists will neutralize their shelter and destroy it.

However, it is important to know that following the extermination of these critters and the elimination of their nests, other workers may return to the scene. These being out of the bee-eater during its destruction, they will seek to settle there. But, they will not linger in the area, because they will not be able to design a new nest. Only queens are capable of this.

Our wasp extermination techniques

We employ safe and very effective methods to get rid of wasps. Generally, we apply specific pesticides in order to neutralize them all. This is justified by the fact that our experts hold a permit sanctioned by the Ministry of the Environment.

Thus, thanks to our services, you will no longer have to deal with these insects.

Other methods to get rid of wasps

There are several other techniques to remove wasps from your home. While waiting to call on our specialists, you can always make use of these methods.

Take preventive measures

In summer, wasps very often invite themselves to your table to share your meals. Very attracted by sugar, they are not begged to land in your children’s fruit juice or in your glass of wine. To avoid them, it is better to enjoy your dishes in a garden shed, equipped with your mosquito net. Since you can’t honor this possibility, the ideal would be to cover your meals while waiting to start eating.

However, be sure to clear the table after you’re done, even if you decide to extend that good time around a bottle. This will protect you from these critters.

Get rid of it in a natural way

There are several ways that are no less effective in keeping wasps away from your home. First, you can serve yourself coffee. Its smell is very unpleasant for these insects. To make use of it, you will burn ground and unused coffee in a small container. The smoke that will release will make them flee in record time.

Also, the smell that comes from tomato plants does not please them either. So, for your safety, you can reforest a few feet of tomatoes all around your terrace. This will protect you from their invasion. It is also possible to put crushed cloves on your tables to keep these insects away. Finally, you can add a few drops of lavender oil in water and sprinkle it in the corners.

All in all, although wasps are useful in some cases, they are not welcome in your home. To get rid of it, you can employ various methods. However, do not hesitate to call on our delta extermination professionals to protect you permanently from these critters.