Extermination of bedbugs

The infestation of your home and more specifically your bed by bedbugs is an alarming situation that requires you to make prompt arrangements. These nasty beasts have the unfortunate tendency to quickly proliferate in your home. The best way to exterminate them is to contact a certified exterminator who will perform an anti-bug treatment according to the standards. Discover here the essentials to know for a successful extermination of bedbugs.

What are the signs of a bed bug infestation?

Signs of the presence of bedbugs are very subtle. Their bites can take up to two weeks before they can be noticeable to the naked eye. Most often, they are visible on the arm, belly and back. However, you can have them on all parts of the body.

Since several factors can be responsible for the appearance of pimples on the body, in case of doubt, it is recommended to consult a doctor in order to check if it is insect bites or something else. In addition, the appearance of bites in some people may be due to allergic reactions, so do not hesitate to consult a doctor to have a clear heart. However, traces of bites are not the only indicator of an infestation of your bed, as one in ten people has no reaction to bites.

As a result, this indicator is not completely reliable. If you notice the following signs on your bed, it is most likely that it is infested with bed bugs:

  • blood marks on the sheets;
  • eggs of white color in the shape of a cluster at the base or behind the head of the bed;
  • brown spots (bedbug droppings) along the seams and in the fibers of the mattress.

If you find the insect itself, contact us immediately so that we can proceed to an identification andextermination bedbugs.

How do bedbugs infest your home?

Bedbugs can enter your home in several ways. For example, if you rent a truck for the move, your belongings could be infested with bedbugs in it; or your children could come home from school with their bags or coats that have been in contact with those of classmates whose homes are infested.

Sometimes, after their stays in hostels, hotel rooms, summer camps or cottages, travelers bring back to their homes the bedbugs that had infiltrated their luggage.

Similarly, if you travel by plane, train or bus, bedbugs can emanate from another’s suitcase… Travelers must therefore be very careful.

What are the consequences of bed bug bites?

Bedbugs often bite in groups of three, and their bites give the same sensation as mosquito bites. These bites cause a significant reaction of the skin with red and irritating blisters that scratch strongly. Scratching the lesions can lead to skin infections and leave scars.

Fatigue and sleep disorders

Apart from very uncomfortable dermatological lesions, bed bugs can cause significant psychosocial anxieties. Indeed, incessant bites cause some people to have sleep disorders, fatigue and anxiety. The quality of life of these people can be significantly affected.


Bites can cause depression, parasitophobia or even social isolation. This is because many people feel embarrassed due to pimples left by bites on their face or other parts of their body and can isolate themselves socially. As a result, they will have difficulty exposing themselves or seeking help.

What can you personally do against bedbugs?

Step 1: Avoid moving objects from room to room as much as possible to reduce the risk of spread.

Step 2:

Vacuum the whole house and put the bag in another, tightly closed one, which you will immediately deposit in the garbage cans, outside.

Step 3: Clean all your floors to get rid of the eggs in them.

Step 4: Empty all the drawers in your bedrooms and store your belongings in waterproof plastic bags. Do the same for all your laundry.

Step 5: Put all your furniture and bags of personal belongings in the middle of the rooms for the anti-bedbug treatment.

Following this, pest management technician specialized in the detection and treatment of anti-bedbugs will come to carry out an extermination. Our exterminators are also available 24 hours a day for emergency services.

What to do after treatment?

You can enter your home 3 to 6 hours after the first treatment, unless you suffer from allergies, cancer, are pregnant or have children living with you. Above all, take care to ventilate the rooms as soon as you return home.

Rather than cleaning the rooms, vacuum them two to three days after treatment to harvest the killed bedbugs. In addition, it will take all your laundry and personal items to dry them in hot air for 30 minutes. Store all your laundry in new bags.

After the second treatment, our specialists will install devices to determine if the infestation has ended permanently. If there are still bedbugs, they will carry out other treatments for complete extermination.