Cockroaches extermination

Cockroaches are small insects that are harmful to human health. When they infest a house, they cause a lot of damage. For this purpose, an infestation of cockroaches must be quickly contained from the beginning in order to limit the damage. Individual measures can be taken, but you will also need to use a service for the extermination of these insects.

Discover in detail everything you need to know about cockroaches and their extermination.

Cockroaches: presentation

Still called cockroach, cockroach or cockroach, the cockroach is a widespread insect in the world, especially in warm regions. Among the 3500 species existing, the German cockroach is the most found variety. It is responsible for about three-quarters of cockrooping infestations in homes (houses, restaurants, food factories, etc.).


The cockroat is caramel Havana color and oval in shape. It has a movable head that carries two antennas. Small in size between 1.1 and 1.6 cm, it can reach up to 5 cm in hot countries. The cockroach has 6 legs allowing it to move quickly and two parallel dark lines on its body. Despite its two pairs of wings, the cockroach cannot fly.


The female cockroach produces about 4 to 7 ootheca (horny capsule containing eggs) in one lifetime. She wears the ootheca on her abdomen for 28 days. Two days before hatching, the ootheca is deposited in a shelter that can be crevices, cracks or hinges. The adult cockroat lives between 100 and 200 days and can survive 42 days without eating.

Under the right conditions, especially at room temperature, a cockroach can produce an ootheca every 6 weeks. It only takes one mating to fertilize all the eggs produced. Thus, thousands of cockroaches can be obtained in a year if all the ootheca of each female of each generation are fertilized.

Knowing that an ootheca contains up to 48 eggs, a parasitic invasion quickly arrived. If you identify a cockrooping in any part of your home, quickly use a animal capture and relocation service.


Cockroaches preferentially live in warm environments (21°C and above) and relatively humid. They will be found hidden in cracks and hinges of cabinets, but especially in bathrooms and kitchens due to the presence of water and food.

Water is essential for the survival of cockroaches. Being omnivores,they feed on everything that has nutritional value: soap, food scraps, corpses of other cockroaches, hair, toothpaste, etc. But they have a predilection for foods rich in sugar and starch.

Cockroaches infiltrate homes thanks to second-hand food packaging or materials (fridges, TV, old furniture, etc.) purchased outside. In addition, they can move from one apartment to another along the walls and ceilings. You will often only see them at night.

Nuisances caused by cockroaches

The infestation of cockroaches is a danger to the house, but also to its inhabitants. They produce feces and other fetid substances that leave a very unpleasant smell on the premises and on the food they touch.

In addition, cockroaches carry in their feces, on their paws and antennae, germs (staphylococci, streptococci, clostridium, etc.) from their stay in garbage cans and sewers. The food soiled by these droppings is then responsible for various food poisoning.

Cockroaches can also lead to urinary tract infections Yes cutaneous. Similarly, feces and exuviae from cockroaches cause allergic respiratory reactions,or even asthma attacks in some subjects.

How to detect the presence of cockroaches?

It is relatively easy to confirm the presence of cockroaches in case of major infestation: strong musty smell in the room, presence of exuvia (empty skin left after molting), presence of cockroaches in broad daylight.

Also, you can suspect an infestation of cockroaches if you find their feces, ootheca or secretions (grains or brown spots) in the dwelling. Repellents and sticky traps often bring them out of hiding.

How to prevent a cockrooping infestation?

Cockroaches can be found in clean places. However, the infestation takes place much more in unsanitary environments. Thus, to prevent an infestation by cockroaches, it is necessary to ensure that your living environment is always healthy by adopting certain simple actions:

  • used items of dubious origin must be inspected before being brought home;
  • food must be covered and stored in containers other than paper or cardboard;
  • dirty dishes should be soaked in soapy water while waiting to be washed;
  • garbage should be regularly emptied, appliances and kitchen, disposed of food scraps, etc.

Cockroaches need moisture to live, so keep bathrooms dry and fix leaks. Using repellent products to chase them away is not such a brilliant idea. They will only migrate to another hiding place.

What about the treatment of a cockrooping infestation

To exterminate cockroaches, they must be deprived of food, water and habitat. This can be difficult for the uninitiated. It is advisable to use professionals specialized in extermination such as Delta Extermination.

The hygiene measures mentioned above will be associated with the use of pesticides. They should be used with caution and according to the manufacturer’s user guide. The most commonly used are the pesticides with a remanent effect. The Aerosols or Widespread spraying is suitable for severe infestations. Other products such as bait points,boric acid or the diatomaceous earth are also effective. Avoid breathing in the dust of the latter.

On the other hand, infested foods can be packaged and frozen at -8°C (17.6°F) for at least one day. Decontamination of the premises is also recommended.