Extermination hornets

Hornets,more than wasps, can become real pests and create a real bazaar at home, on your terrace or during a barbecue in the middle of summer. In Montreal, Delta Extermination, sends its specialists in the extermination of hornets to your home. We will help you, in this case, to get rid of these insects. You will learn, in particular, to recognize hornets, to identify compared to other species.

All about hornets

Hornets look like the common yellow wasps. Yet, these are two different species of insects. What are the characteristics that distinguish them from one another? What is the hornet lifestyle?

A hornet or a wasp: how to make a difference?

There are small details that make it possible to distinguish a hornet from other species of the family vespids. Indeed, vespids have almost identical characteristic traits, with a few exceptions, and are, generally, sensitive to the stinger.

The hornet which is a subfamily of vespids is distinguished from other species by its female hornets extremely imposing 30 millimeters long. Worker and male hornets, on the other hand, are small in size. The hornet is also remarkable for its thorax of black color, equipped with two pairs of wings and whose roundness is much more advanced than those of the wasp.

The color of the thorax contrasts with that of the abdomen, which has a yellow-orange color. Note that the black of the hornet’s thorax is sparse with yellow marks and covered with small hairs. If you manage to catch a hornet, you will notice at the level of its chest, two pairs of red wings; the posterior being smaller than the anterior ones.

The hornet, an insect that lives in groups

There is a strong community of hornets that lives in our area. When they move, we can count a population of up to 400 flying individuals.

It is true that for theecosystem, such a population of hornets is a godsend. Indeed, hornets participate in the regulation of the population of pests such as grasshoppers,crickets, Tracks and large flies that they hunt and feed on. Thus, to some extent, they are allies of choice for farmers because they protect their crops.

In general, colonies of hornets are not aggressive. However, when you get a little too close to their nest, they will activate and try to get you away. If you notice the presence of hornets in your neighborhood, it is better to stay away. Otherwise, you may pay the price of their bites.

If a colony of hornets is near your home, it is necessarily that it is attracted to sweet food, Drinks or fruit juices left uncovered in the kitchen or on the terrace. Hornets are also attracted to aphids from the gardens from which they draw honeydew from which they love.

Pay attention to hornet nests

Nests of hornets, you can find them everywhere, in attics, on shrubs and trees, under the terraces of houses, in the shed of gardens, in the cavities of a wall, in the trunks of hollow trees, etc.

What should be remembered is that nests, usually, in height, are built during the spring. Indeed, just after winter, the larger female survives the less robust male and builds a new nest to lay her eggs that will constitute her new colony. Unfortunately, for you, the female may choose to take up residence behind your home.

The hornets’ nest is remarkable for its grayish color from the color of chewed wood. If you come across a hornet’s nest near your home, call on our expertise as soon as possible and our technicians will intervene quickly. Our exterminators Experts in the removal of hornetsunderstand better than anyone the danger that such a nest poses for you and those around you. So, they will help you get rid of the threat posed by these hard-boiled insects.

Guard against hornet infestations and bites

There are a multitude of simple precautions that will allow you to protect your home and its inhabitants from the invasion of insects. These precautions are also valid against invasion and bites of hornets.

The very first precaution concerns theuse of mosquito nets. You must put them at the level of each window, each door and entrance of your house. In particular, this prevents mosquitoes from entering the house.

If you call us, we will, in the first place, do an inspection of the whole house from the inside out. If there is a hornet’s nest anywhere in your home, whether inside or outside the house, we are the only ones able to help you get rid of it.

We will then plug the holes and holes in which the hornet nests were built. To plug the holes, our specialists have more than one trick up their sleeve. They can, for example, use their knowledge in caulking.

In addition, to guard against the bites of hornets when you are outdoors, there are a number of habits that should be adopted.

This includes, in particular,avoiding making sudden gestures when a hornet’s nest is nearby. You must dress in pale clothing or colors wear sandals or shoes. Wearing shoes is recommended when walking in grass. Above all, you should avoid passing toiletries with very pronounced scents. This is the case, for example, with sweet perfumes. Finally, it is better to eat in the dining room and not under the terrace. If you receive guests in your garden, you should be careful to cover your sugary drinks with small cardboard lids.

If, despite all this advice, you are stung by a hornet,it is crucial to disinfect the pricked part. Then you will need to apply ice, for example, to alleviate the pain of the bite. Of course, if after disinfection, the pricked part swells and continues to hurt you, consult a doctor quickly.

How to exterminate hornets?

The extermination of hornets is done in this case at night. But our experts can do it with the right equipment in broad daylight. we systematically ask the inhabitants of the house to leave the premises and take refuge inside the house. If you have pets, you will also need to keep them away. Thus, you will not risk getting stung.

In our company, our exterminators are trained to use the right extermination methods. They will not use, for example, water to destroy the nest of hornets. First, it doesn’t kill them, but it does make them aggressive. Our exterminators use, very often, insecticides with which they spray the entire nest. However, what to do when you do not know the exact place where the hornet’s nest is located?

In general, our exterminators experienced in the extermination of hornets understand their behaviors. They will come to your home in combinations that can protect them from the bites of hornets. With the appropriate equipment and products, they will target the perimeter in which hornets circulate. This last information, it is you who can give it to them. Our exterminators will deposit the products at the identified probable places and places. The products used will suffocate them, thus killing all individuals in the colony.

Exterminating hornets installed in your neighborhood or in your home is to safeguard your health and that of your children. So call our animal capture and relocation service and live in peace and security at home.